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President at the cabinet session:

Emphasis on the rule of financial discipline in all gov't bodies/ Revolutionary, jihadist work also requires discipline/ Senior gov't officials must use the views of elites, regardless of political views

Emphasising the need for the government to use the capacity of the country's elites, the president said, "The officials of the executive branch should hold regular expert meetings with experts and elites away from a political point of view to benefit from their opinions".

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Sun 03 - Oktober 2021 - 19:31

Smphasising the need for financial discipline in all governmental bodies, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said in a cabinet meeting on Sunday afternoon, "Revolutionary work does not mean disorder, and progress in work is possible only with discipline, and there is a need to do something through any shortcuts, it must be based on a legal solution".
Referring to the 13th government's promise to increase non-oil exports and support investment in the country, the President said, "The executive bodies should make every effort to develop non-oil exports, especially to neighbouring countries".
Ayatollah Raisi said, "Legal and judicial protection of investment should be done in the best way so that investors, especially Iranians abroad, see in practice that Iran is the safest and best place for them to invest".
Emphasising on ensuring the security of capital and investors in the country, Dr Raisi said, "The government will play its role in facilitating investment in the best way, and complex administrative procedures should be removed from the investment route".
The President also thanked the minister and managers of the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad for providing the country's livestock inputs and starting the purchase of nomadic livestock promised during provincial trips, and said, "There is a reason behind any shortage, but sometimes it takes time to identify and eliminate the problem".
Dr Raisi went on to say that attention should be paid to union gatherings that have rational demands, saying, "Of course, if their demands are not logical, they should be informed, but irrational demands should not be accepted".
The president said, "In any case, those who have demands and gather should be talked to and their demands should be clarified".
At the beginning of his speech, Ayatollah Raisi congratulated the new chief of the IRIB on his appointment and said, "The national media is a reassuring and hopeful bridge between the government and the people that conveys the expectations and opinions of the people to the government and explains the government's views and actions to the people".
The President also congratulated and welcomed the new head of the Department of Environment, saying, "Any development in the country should be subject to environmental protection".


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