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Ayatollah Raisi at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus:

Controlling the outbreak of coronavirus requires a national determination/ The purchase of 30 million doses of vaccine finalised

Speaking on Saturday at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi emphasised that a national determination and consensus must be created to control and stop the spread of corona, and said, "All governmental and non-governmental sectors, real and legal personalities and all individuals must be coordinated to control the spread of this dangerous virus".

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The President added, "In order to create this unanimity and coordination, it is necessary to prepare the people for a comprehensive and decisive confrontation with corona by explaining the various dimensions of this problem, both in Iran and in other countries".

Emphasising the need to expedite the payment of overdue salaries of medical staff and motivate them to continue the jihadist and selfless activities of health defenders, Dr Raisi said, "Payment of overdue salaries of medical staff should be one of the priorities of the Plan and Budget Organisation".

The President said that the next necessary and important step is speeding up the vaccination process and while announcing the finalised import of 30 million doses of vaccine, and said, "Experts believe that 60 million doses of vaccine should be provided to control the situation of the corona outbreak in the country".

The President said that it is not enough to formulate and announce health protocols alone, saying, "Observing health protocols is a social right of all people and if someone does not observe these protocols and causes others to get sick, they have violated people's rights".

The President also stressed the need for stricter surveillance of border traffic and the prevention of illegal traffic, saying, "What has been done so far in this area is necessary, but insufficient".

Ayatollah Raisi considered planning to reduce the number of visits to departments and organisations as other necessary measures and said, "Providing services through the digital space should be done not only for these days, but also for the long term".

The President further referred to providing special medicines for COVID-19 patients, saying, "After visiting one of the pharmacies on Thursday, it was decided that in the coming days, the required medicines will be distributed between 100 pharmacies in the first step and up to 300 pharmacies in the second step".

Dr Raisi said, "It was decided to increase the powers of governor generals as heads of provincial headquarters in accordance with the requirements of controlling the spread of the disease in different provinces".

The President emphasised, "Every individual in the society should first consider himself the addressee of health principles and instructions. Controlling the outbreak of corona, along with the jihadist efforts of the medical staff and public vaccination, requires the determination and public cooperation of the people, institutions and agencies so that we can, God willing, see a serious reduction in corona cases".

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