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Ayatollah Raisi in the meeting of the specialised committees of coronavirus task force:

Everybody's participation, sympathetic cooperation in observing health protocols a must to control coronavirus/ There is no problem in allocating currency for importing coronavirus

Speaking on Friday morning in a meeting of the Specialised Committees of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi stressed the importance of everybody's participation and sympathetic cooperation in observing health protocols to control coronavirus and said, "I am sure if people are informed well about the dangers of the current state of the virus, they will follow all health protocols".

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Calling on the people to help the government in this regard, he said, "I also call on the IRIB to manage the process of information so that people are informed about the relevant news quickly and through official sources".

Emphasising that the queues that are formed for purchasing vaccines and drugs should be addressed immediately and with proper management, we should not see such queues, Dr Raisi said, "There is enough medicine and the vaccination process will accelerate".

The President said, "There is no problem in allocating currency for importing COVID-19 vaccine and the import of vaccine has accelerated at the same time as the production of domestic vaccine and this is one of the priorities of the government that the first vice president is seriously pursuing and we hope with imports, we will see a large percentage of people vaccinated in a short time".

Ayatollah Raisi emphasised that people's business is important along with protecting their health and lives, adding, "We must be careful that people's business and employment are not harmed, and the management of this issue must be done by the National Task Force Against Coronavirus".

The President emphasised the avoidance of unnecessary travel and its role in preventing the spread of the virus, stating, "The reduction of travel is one of the central issues in the process of controlling the virus, so travel and traffic must be significantly reduced in the next 10 days".

Emphasising the need to observe all health protocols in Muharram mourning ceremonies, Dr Raisi said, "We strongly believe that these mourning ceremonies can have a positive effect on the soul and spirituality of society and people's lives, but observing health protocols in mourning ceremonies is necessary and preserving the lives of the people is a priority".


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