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Ayatollah Raisi in the cabinet meeting:

People should pay special attention to the maximum observance of health protocols during mourning ceremonies/ Protecting people's lives in Muharram mourning the first priority

Referring to the arrival of Muharram month, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said in a cabinet meeting this Sunday evening, "The mourning of Muharram is closely linked to religious and national culture of the people and the deep affection of our people towards Imam Hussein (AS) and his martyred companions is a beautiful manifestation of the Iranian people's devotion to progeny of the Prophet (PBUH)".

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Sun 08 - August 2021 - 20:36

Dr Raisi said, "Due to the difficult conditions in the country, the maximum observance of health protocols is one of the necessities that the enthusiasts of the Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and the organisers of the mourning ceremonies should pay special attention to".

Emphasising that saving the lives of the people is the first priority, the President said, "The managers of stadiums and non-roofed places should cooperate with the mourning assemblies so that we can perform Muharram mourning and observe health protocols in full in order for the country to get through these difficult conditions safely".

Ayatollah Raisi continued, "It is necessary to be extremely careful in the transition of the government, so that no action, especially supervision of the market and meeting the needs of the people, is carried out weakly".

In another part of his speech, commemorating the memory of Martyr Saremi and congratulating him on Journalist's Day, Dr Raisi said, "Journalists are a bridge between the government and the people who convey the concerns of the people to the officials and the views of the officials to the people".

The President continued, "Legal and judicial support for the media is one of the necessities that should not be abandoned behind just words. Therefore, I call on the Minister of Justice and other relevant officials to forgive all the complaints if there is a complaint from the legal personality of the government against the journalist".

In response to the remarks of the head of the Plan and Budget Organisation, Ayatollah Raisi said, "The budget should be allocated not on the basis of bargaining and pre-determined increases, but in accordance with operational activities and the extent to which goals and projects are achieved".

Dr Raisi emphasised, "The important point in operational budgeting is the ability to monitor budget expenditures, and we hope that with the measures initiated in the previous government in this field, we can achieve the goal of making the budget more transparent".

At the beginning of his speech, the President thanked the members of the government for their efforts, especially Mr Jahangiri and Mr Vaezi, and wished success to Mr Mokhber and Mr Esmaili in their new responsibilities in the government.

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