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Dr Rouhani in the meeting of Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board:

Gov't won't allow the next gov't to face a problem in supplying essentials at the beginning of its term by making realistic estimates, making necessary predictions/ Stressing the importance of using foreign currency resources for accelerating public vaccination

The 237th meeting of the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board was chaired by the president on Tuesday. At the beginning of the meeting, the Plan and Budget Organisation presented a report on the provision and payment of guaranteed purchases of basic goods for the people.

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Tue 29 - Juni 2021 - 16:37

Dr Hassan Rouhani said at the meeting, "Economic consequences due to the restrictions create by the coronavirus pandemic have caused an increase in world prices for all goods, especially basic goods, and on the other hand, drought has reduced the production of some products".

"Therefore, the government has made the necessary predictions and, despite all the problems, especially the two great obstacles of COVID-19 and the economic war, will not allow the thirteenth government to face a problem in the supply of basic goods at the beginning of its term of office," he said.

Stating that with the resistance of the people today, we are witnessing the promising signs of the defeat of the enemy's economic war and the lifting of oppressive sanctions against the Iranian nation, Dr Rouhani said, "We will see the fruit of the Iranian nation's resistance to the economic war and the enemy's admission of the ineffectiveness of sanctions".

The President added, "Spending the released foreign currency resources should be planned in such a way as to increase the speed and ease of supply of basic goods and raw materials for domestic production and strengthen international banking relations in the direction of the country's production prosperity".

Dr Rouhani also stressed the use of foreign currency resources to accelerate public vaccination, both through domestic production and through the import of vaccines, with an emphasis on the importance of vaccinating all members of society as soon as possible.

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