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Dr Rouhani at the inauguration ceremony of Ministry of Oil projects:

Reaching the 95% standard in gas supply a great honour/ Self-sufficiency in petrol, diesel an achievement of this gov't/ If it weren't for some bureaucracy, sanctions would've been finished today

The President praised the connection of more than 2,800 villages and 21 cities across the country to the gas supply network and said, "Today, we have reached 95% gas supply in the country, which is perhaps unique in the world, which is a great honour for the 11th and 12th governments.

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Thu 24 - Juni 2021 - 16:25

Speaking on Thursday in the 75th move of 'Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production' campaign and the inauguration ceremony of national projects of the Ministry of Oil in the field of urban, rural and industrial gas, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "We are proud that today, gas supply has almost finished in the country".

Dr Rouhani further referred to the achievements in this government in the oil sector and said, "In this government, the rights of the nation in the oil and gas sector have been secured more than ever".

The President said, "In this government, special attention has been paid to the environment and today 76% of the country's petrol consumption is Euro 4 and complies with international standards".

Dr Rouhani went on to say that self-sufficiency in the production of petrol, diesel and even gas, especially in the cold seasons of the year, is another important issue and added, "We used to be importers, but today we are exporters of petrol and diesel, and a significant part of the currency required for the country's imports is provided from revenues from the export of petroleum products".

The President said that the 12th Government fulfilled the promise of the late Imam Khomeini (RA) to free water, electricity and even gas for the low-income groups, which are mainly the low-income groups of the country, saying, "Unfortunately, this is rarely spoken about, because some think that if they say these things, it will be achievement of the government, while it is for the entire country".

Dr Rouhani also mentioned the connection of 98% of the country's villages to high-speed internet, the expansion of the health network, the expansion of the road network and the massive development of schools and education as other achievements of the government.

The President further referred to the daily water supply statistics of about 9 to 10 villages and the daily connection of 20 villages to the country's high-speed internet, saying, "While before this government, the total number of villagers that had access to safe drinking water was less than 1 million people, today, more than 10 million people have access to safe drinking water".

Dr Rouhani described these achievements as the strong response of the Iranian nation to enemies and those who impose sanctions on the country, saying, "If it were not for some bureaucracies, including the parliamentary bureaucracy, the sanctions would have ended by now".


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