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Dr Rouhani in the cabinet meeting:

Elections one of the pillars of the system/ We mustn’t sacrifice the lofty goals of the system for the sake of elections/ We should all try not to harm Islam with our behaviour/ We should all back the president-elected

The President called the holding of the June 18 elections with full security and according to health protocols one of the important tasks and great achievements of the 12th Government and said, "Elections are one of the pillars of the system and the republic will not be achieved without elections".

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Wed 23 - Juni 2021 - 11:12

Speaking on Wednesday at the cabinet meeting, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "Republic and Islam are two very important pillars of the system and all our efforts should be to maintain these two pillars so that they are not shaken. All we have tried until today has been to preserve the Islamic and republic aspects of our system”.

Explaining the importance of the Islamic aspect, Dr Rouhani stated that we should all try not to harm Islam with our behaviour, adding, "Islam itself has clear policies, ethics and rules, and has justice and respect for all ethnicities and genders, and in Islam Everything is in its own place”.

Emphasising that we must avoid lying, the president said, "We must have a society where no one pays attention to liars, and in fact, this is Islam and not chanting slogans".

Stating that honesty, sincerity, respect and good faith in the people and not undermining the reputation of the people are important principles in Islam, Dr Rouhani said, "We should all try to have Islam rule the society in full”.

Referring to the importance of the republic as the second pillar of the Islamic system, the president said, "In a republic, if you can have 50% of the people, it is the minimum, if you can have 70%, you are in an acceptable point and by having 90%, you have reached the peak”.

Emphasising that in the elections and the republic, we should open the space and embrace the people, Dr Rouhani said, "Rejecting the people is not a skill, and worrying the people is useless".

The president clarified, "Let's not create a false reason for low turnout in the elections, economic problems have not been the main reason for the decrease in participation".

Dr Rouhani also said, "The fact that people went to the ballot box showed the United States that they have chosen the wrong path and has not been able to disappoint people from the elections”.

“We promised the people not to surrender to the United States and to run the country for three and a half years of economic war,” he said.

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