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President at the meeting of Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board:

Stressing that cabinet’s economic board should report country's economic situation to president-elect/ During the economic war, gov’t put priority on providing foreign currency for basic goods, medicine to increase public welfare

The 234th meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board was held on Sunday under the chairmanship of the President Hassan Rouhani, during which the he wished the president-elect success and called on the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board to report the country's economic situation to the president-elect.

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Sun 20 - Juni 2021 - 14:12

Emphasising that the government's priority has been to provide foreign currency for basic goods and medicine in order to increase public welfare and support the lower income classes, the President said, "All the government's efforts have been to resist the fully-fledged sanctions of Iran's enemies and provide the necessary foreign currency to supply basic and essential goods and maintain and improve the country's production”.

Dr Rouhani added, "The successful record of the government in this unequal battle with the sanctions is considerable. In this regard, controlling the fluctuations of the domestic market and preventing the increase of the prices of basic goods and the inflation rate in the country, as well as creating relative welfare in the society have been the most important goals of the government”.

The President stated, "In the proposed mechanism of the government for the year 1400, the supply of basic goods is the main axis of increasing public welfare, and by allocating the necessary foreign currency resources, in a systematic move, supply, production and distribution in the country have been placed on the way back to growth and stability”.

Code: 121778

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