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Dr Rouhani after meeting with the President-elect:

Mr President-elect is fully aware of country's situation, ups and downs of sanctions, COVID-19/ President has a heavy responsibility/ Cabinet alongside president-elect for the next 45 days for a better transition

Congratulating the great nation of Iran again for creating an epic and enthusiastic participation in the crucial 1400 elections, the President said, "Thank God, the President-elect is a person who is fully aware of the situation in the country due to his responsibilities in the judiciary and attending important meetings, and he knows the ups and downs of these days, especially the days of sanctions and coronavirus".

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Sat 19 - Juni 2021 - 19:29

Speaking on Saturday at the office of Hojatoleslam val-Moslemin Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi in the judiciary after meeting with the president-elect, Dr Hassan Rouhani congratulated him on his election and expressed hope that the new government would be run in the best way possible.

Stating that a heavy responsibility has been placed on the shoulders of the President-elect, Dr Rouhani said, "I ask God success for the president-elect to fulfil his responsibilities in the best way".

The President also thanked those involved in the elections, saying, "I would like to thank all those who created a point in history during the elections, from the candidates, IRIB, the cyberspace, elections headquarters and all those who conducted the elections well, including the Ministry of Interior, the Guardian Council, supervisors, executive boards, and all those who ensured the security and safety of the elections and paid attention to the health protocols".

Dr Rouhani stated that from today until the next 45 days, when this responsibility should be given to the new government, and the president-elect officially takes over the responsibilities of the country, we are completely by his side, adding, "From today, we are ready for any cooperation and anything that is ready for the country".

The President continued, "In the coming days, at any time, members of the government are ready to cooperate so that the transition period goes well and the president-elect can prepare his cabinet by the end of the term and work with a vote of confidence from the parliament".

Dr Rouhani expressed happiness that the people listened to the call of the law, conscience and interests of the country and did not turn away from the ballot box to disappoint the ill-wishers and enemies of the system and marked a glorious election, saying, "I hope that my very dear friend Mr Raisi delivers the burden of the executive responsibility of the country, which is the heaviest of the branches, in the best way".

The President emphasised, "I have no doubt that all people, whether those who voted or those who did not vote, whether those who came to the polls or those who did not go to the polls, will support the President-elect".

"From August 3, Mr Raisi will be everybody's President and I have no doubt that all the people will support his legitimate government so that their interests are implemented in the best possible way," he said.

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