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Dr Rouhani after casting his ballot in the presidential election:

Presidential election one of the most important elections in the country/ Everyone watching the Iranian election today/ I hope that high turnout disappoints the enemies

The President called the presidential election one of the most important elections in the country and said, "This election is of great importance and I ask the people not to pay attention to the problems and issues that existed in the stages before the registration of candidates and by attending elections to vote for their preferred candidate".

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Fri 18 - Juni 2021 - 11:05

Speaking on Friday after casting his vote in the 13th presidential election, the 6th term of the city and village Islamic councils and the mid-term of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the mid-term of the Assembly of Experts, Dr Hassan Rouhani told reporters, "Our people know very well how important this election is for their own destiny and the Islamic Republic, and I wish we had no problems from the day the candidates registered until today".

Referring to the timely elections without a delay, the president said, "In the report presented by the Minister of Interior today, there is not a single security case across the country, and this is very valuable".

Dr Rouhani added, "In terms of ensuring people's health, all health protocols are observed in all voting locations , and we are also moving step by step towards electronic elections".

The President said, "Today, all over the country and in different provinces, it is clear from moment to moment how many have participated in the elections and the authentication is being done well through the electronic system".

Referring to the importance of the presidential election, the president said, "I ask people to go to the polls today and vote for the person of their choice".

The President stated, "I wish we did not have any problems on the day of registration until today and we could see more people attending".

Emphasising the importance of the elections of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the global level, Dr Rouhani said, "There are several countries in the world whose elections are of interest to the whole world, and one of those countries is Iran".

Referring to the attention of the world to the Iranian elections, the President said, "By appearing at the ballot box, we should do something that our friends all over the world become happy and enemies become disappointed".

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "I hope that the people will fulfil their national, revolutionary and religious duties well, so that by the end of elections, everyone is happy".

The President further advised those involved in holding elections throughout the country, and said, "I call on all those dear ones to pay attention to people's health at all stages so that their health is ensured, and besides that, they should also pay serious attention to protecting people's votes, so that, God forbid, not a single vote is unaccounted for, as it has been in all elections, and the rights of the people must be preserved".


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