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In the beginning hours of presidential election;

President casts his ballot, visits election headquarters

The President cast his ballot on Friday morning, June 18, in the beginning hours of voting for the 13th presidential election, the 6th election of the city and village Islamic councils, and the mid-term elections of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the Assembly of Experts.

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Fri 18 - Juni 2021 - 11:03

Dr Hassan Rouhani attended the mobile ballot box located in the Ministry of Interior and voted for his preferred candidates for the presidency and Islamic councils, the Islamic Consultative Assembly and Assembly of Experts from the Tehran constituency.

Dr Rouhani also visited various sections of the Interior Ministry's election headquarters after participating in the elections and casting his ballot.

According to the country's election headquarters, in this election round, more than 59 million and 310 thousand people, including 29 million 980 thousand and 38 men and 29 million and 330 thousand and 269 women are eligible to vote.

Also in this period, 1,392,148 people are voting for the first time, including 706,988 men and 685,160 women.


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