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Dr Rouhani in the cabinet meeting:

Explaining the reasons for people’s resistance, victory in economic war a must/ We must explain to the people what the situation would be like today if it were not for sanctions, economic war/ We’re at the end point of sanctions

The President said that the people have had a heavy responsibility during the past 8 years, adding, "It is obligatory on all of us to draw the necessary documents to explain the work and efforts of the people, their resistance and success against the problems and crimes of the enemy”.

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Speaking in the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani emphasised, "We should explain that if it were not for the government’s efforts in the first year of its term, the resistance of the nation and the guidance of the Supreme Leader, and if the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) had not taken place, what would the conditions of the country be today”.

“We should explain to the people what would the country be like if there were no sanctions and the nuclear deal did not in face problems by a mentally ill man named Trump,” he said.

Saying that why no one spoke of the United States’ crimes during the election campaign and did not mention Trump, the President said, "We have been facing an economic war with economic terrorism in the country for three and a half years and we need to draw a document so that it becomes clear to the people what direct and indirect damages have been inflicted on the country”.

Referring to the efforts and actions taken by this government in dealing with the crimes and economic warfare of the United States, Dr Rouhani stated, “This government has eliminated threats in many cases or turned threats into opportunities, which is a great job”.

The President added, "Designing a budget without oil for the first time in the country is one of these achievements and it is very important that the government did not use the monetary base of the country and the Central Bank during the economic war".

“If it were not for the Government of Prudence and Hope, today all Chapter VII resolutions would be imposed on Iran,” said Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "The strategy of this government and the resistance of the people have caused the parties to the JCPOA to admit their mistake today and are negotiating with Iran in Vienna to return to the deal”.

The President said, "Last year, there was negative economic growth in many developed and important countries in the world, and the average economic growth in the world was about -4, while they were not facing an economic war, but in our country, the positive economic growth was 3.6 compared to the year before”.

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "The country's economic growth in various sectors made the United States come to Vienna today and appear at the negotiation table; the United States who sought to overthrow the regime by exerting maximum pressure”.

"It is said that the Supreme Leader allowed only this government to negotiate with the United States, while he himself announced that he had allowed a previous government to do so. They negotiated with the United States, and these negotiations took place in Oman, but at the same time, you, who were allowed to negotiate and did so for seven years, what did you achieve other than the sanctions?”

"The Iranian people have done a great job over the past eight years and 3.5 years of economic warfare, and they are expected to do another great job on election day," he said.

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