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Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the Executive Council of Information Technology:

E-gov't been one of gov't fundamental actions/ This gov't has acted in the field of transparency instead of chanting slogans/ System of free access to information, access of businesses to gov't data a great achievement

Referring to the launch of two important systems of government services structure and management in the 11th and 12th governments, the President said, "The development of e-government has been one of the basic and infrastructural measures in the government and we are very pleased that this government was able to give a clear picture of the government for the first time".

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Tue 15 - Juni 2021 - 23:38

Speaking in the meeting of the Executive Council of Information Technology on Tuesday afternoon, Dr Hassan Rouhani stated, "In this government, we have acted in the field of transparency instead of chanting slogans and in the field of e-government alone, three important programs in transparency have been achieved".

Dr Rouhani said, "Today is a day that not only the government but also all non-governmental institutions must join this process of transparency".

"Today, almost 100 percent of the country's villages are connected to the Internet," he said, adding, "The pandemic times proved that if it were not for the government's work in providing infrastructures, nobody knew what we could do in, e-health, e-education and e-business".

Dr Rouhani said, "With the development of e-government and the necessary infrastructure in this regard, today and you can connect to e-government services from anywhere in the country".

Referring to the launch of various systems in the fields of insurance and e-health and the electronification of 30 services in the Social Security Organisation, the President added, "Today with the launch of student registration and education services in schools and other systems of the Ministry of Education, the work towards the digital transformation of this sector and the improvement of the educational system has intensified".

Dr Rouhani stated, "Today our students must be ready for the fully digital age of the years ahead and the new solar century and design computer-based thinking skills and programming".

The President emphasised, "Today we are witnessing a digital transformation in that every Iranian has access to government services anywhere and anytime, and the steps taken in this direction are irreversible, and this honour will forever remain for the government of prudence and hope".

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