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Dr Rouhani at the inauguration ceremony of the Ministry of Defence plans:

The power of Iran, our armed forces high merely for defence/ Iran has never intended to invade any country/ We do not intend war, tension, but won’t yield to invading powers/ America, Europe should know that our nuclear power not to build nuclear weapons, Iran's nuclear activity completely peaceful 

Emphasising that the Islamic Republic of Iran has never intended to invade any country, the President said, "The power of Iran and our armed forces is high only for deterrence and defence. We do not intend for war and tension, but will not yield to the invading powers”.

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Mon 14 - Juni 2021 - 11:28

Speaking on Monday at the inauguration ceremony of the national plans of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces’ Logistics, and the unveiling of the Iranian destroyer Dena and the Shahin hunt-class minesweeper and their joining the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, Dr Hassan Rouhani emphasised, "Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is a power that guarantees the security of the region for itself and its neighbours”.

In the ceremony that was held in the 72nd move of ‘Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production’ campaign, Dr Rouhani stated, "We explicitly declare to our dear neighbours that the power of our armed forces is not against you but also your supporter and protector, as well as for the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of ​​Oman, and the Iranian army is the defender of its own and regional countries’ independence”.

The President emphasised, "In defence of our country, we neither need weapons of mass destruction, nor we seek to acquire this weapon, nor do we consider it allowed; this is an explicit fatwa of the Supreme Leader".

We are looking for nuclear, space and missile capabilities for our domestic industry and new technologies, Rouhani said, adding, "Our nuclear power is not for developing nuclear weapons. The United States and Europe should know this and understand that Iran’s nuclear activity is completely peaceful and our enrichment is for the needs of the country in the medical and energy sectors”.

The President said that 33 years after the Imposed War [with Iraq], the army and navy are stronger and more experienced than ever, adding, "Today, the navy of the army and the IRGC work well together on the territorial waters and protect the interests of the Islamic Republic in international waters within the framework of international regulations”.

Enumerating the examples of the country's defence capabilities that have been created or developed in the past 8 years, the President said, "Today, the country's armed forces are self-sufficient and stand on their own two feet, and we can defend our country well without the need for foreigners."

The President emphasised, "Everyone saw that Iran also did 63% enrichment, and if necessary, we can do higher enrichment at any time, but at the same time we are not looking for nuclear weapons. Our enrichment is for our country's needs in the medical sector, in the energy industry, and in other sectors”.

Dr Rouhani added, "Iran's nuclear activity is completely peaceful. Our nation has the power to stand up to the world powers, and everyone saw that when necessary, we shot down the drone of the world's largest military power, and on the day when it was necessary, we fired rockets at its military base. This is the power and capability of the armed forces of Islamic Iran and the capability of the Iranian nation and government”.

The president said, "We do not intend war and tension, but at the same time we will not bow down to the aggressor powers. Today in the Vienna talks, it is clear that if the Americans and the rest of the P5+1 fulfil all their obligations without exception, the Islamic Republic of Iran will fulfil all its obligations without delay and after the verification”.

The President stated, “This is the clear message of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Europe and the United States. So, as you have accepted many of your commitments and announced that you will fulfil them, accept the remaining few that so that the region and the world can see more peace and constructive interaction”.


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