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President in cabinet session:

Ethics more important than elections/ Let’s invite people to elections by telling them the truth, facts/ Let’s not deliver lies to people in our statements

The President said that the basis of the Islamic Revolution and all the efforts made in this way are for the people to enjoy the Islamic system and an important part of the Islamic system is morality, saying, "The Islamic system was formed so that morality prevails in the country, but unfortunately, morality is seriously injured in these election days”.

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Wed 09 - Juni 2021 - 11:57

Speaking on Wednesday in the cabinet meeting, Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to the campaigns of candidates and some comments made by them, emphasising that the most important thing is to observe ethics, adding, "The beginning of truthfulness is meeting one’s promises and not distorting the truth and facts”.

Emphasising that we should invite people to the elections by explaining the facts to them and they should see that the system also values ​​them, the President stated, "To say that nothing has been done in these 8 years is an insult to the people because agriculture, industry, and many infrastructures in the cyberspace are done by the people themselves”.

Stating that hundreds of thousands of people across the country, managers, experts, and employees are working alongside the government, Dr Rouhani stressed, "When we insult the government, we have in fact insulted millions of people, the statistics provided in the comments must be correct”.

The President continued, "These days, some talk as if we have not been in economic war with the enemy and the United States and Trump have not done anything to this nation, and as if nothing like coronavirus and its problems has happened”.

The President also said, "Today, everybody admits that the country’s nuclear power has not diminished, but more powerful".

Dr Rouhani added, "The government's 4-year statistics from 2014 to 2018 testify to a golden era of the economy in the last 50 years, with an average inflation rate of 11 percent and an average economic growth rate of nearly 5 percent”.

The President added, "Since the beginning of year 1397, we have entered into a fully-fledged economic war, and those who proudly say that we were responsible during the war [with Iraq] should understand better than others the conditions of the war”.

Dr Rouhani added, "Today, the way to solve the country's problem is for everyone to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), we have no other way".

“Everyone says we are against sanctions, yes everyone is against sanctions, the important thing is how to get out of sanctions? Who brought the United States to the negotiation table after Trump? It was the patience and perseverance of the people and the work of our diplomats,” he said.

President stated, "Why do not we tell these facts to the people? In all these difficult situations, a serious effort is being made to control coronavirus, along with several obstacles in the way of purchasing the vaccine. The vaccine has been delayed for a few days, but these delays are due to some obstacles, we have to tell all the facts”.

Stating that great transformations have taken place in these eight years, Dr Rouhani said, "Today, no one can say that I am in favour of internet censorship. What has this government done during these eight years? Those who were in favour of this censorship are now saying that we are in favour of bandwidth”.

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