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President in a meeting with Chinese FM:

Ties with China strategic for Iran/ Accelerating implementation of the two countries' agreements on infrastructure projects/ Emphasis on deepening ties with Beijing

The President called the relations with China strategic and important for the Islamic Republic of Iran and, referring to the will of the two countries for long-term cooperation, and emphasised the development and deepening of relations in all fields, including political and economic.

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Sat 27 - März 2021 - 15:48

Speaking on Saturday in a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "Tehran and Beijing have very good relations and the common positions of the two countries in international affairs shows the good level of these relations".

Referring to the 50th anniversary of the new diplomatic relations between the two countries, as well as bilateral, regional and international cooperation between Iran and China, Dr. Rouhani stressed the need to accelerate the implementation and operation of agreements on important infrastructure and development projects.

The President also praised Beijing's position in support of Iran in international forums, including the issue of the JCPOA and countering US unilateralism, and condemned the sanctions against Iran, saying, "The two countries' cooperation to implement the JCPOA and act on commitments by European countries are very important and can change the current situation".

Dr Rouhani continued by emphasising the comprehensive efforts to fight terrorism and extremism in the region, referring to the Hormuz Peace Endeavour (HOPE) presented by Iran to achieve this goal, and described the US' military presence in the Middle East the main cause of instability in the region.

Referring to the economic and trade cooperation between Iran and China, despite US sanctions and the economic war against the Iranian nation, the President said that the increase in cooperation between the two countries' private sectors as a factor for strengthening economic relations.

Dr Rouhani stated that a document will be signed during this visit, which will clarify the prospects of the 25-year relations between Iran and China, and said, "It is necessary to increase cooperation between the two countries regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and we want more vaccines from China".

Referring to the two countries' successes in combating coronavirus, including the production of vaccines to control this dangerous pandemic, the President emphasised cooperation and sharing experiences in this field, especially cooperation in the field of joint vaccine production.

Dr Rouhani expressed his hope that in 2021 the shortage of trade between the two countries will be compensated, noting, "We want China to continue to be a major trading partner to Iran and to have more cooperation in the field of joint ventures".

Regarding Tehran-Beijing bilateral cooperation, the Chinese Foreign Minister said, "China has always attached great importance to this issue and has tried to make this issue a priority in its relations with Iran, despite some issues".

"China has always opposed the US unilateral sanctions and has shown its opposition in the international stage," he said, adding that "maximum pressure is an illegal and inhumane act that lacks international support."

The Chinese Foreign Minister called the JCPOA a multifaceted document that is the result of multilateralism, and said, "The JCPOA should be acted upon precisely by all countries involved".

Emphasising that the withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA was a violation of international law, Wang Yi said, "The new American administration wants to reconsider this policy and return to the deal, and China also welcomes this action".

"We believe that maintaining the UN Security Council is a matter of multilateralism and the observance of international rules and regulations, and that the United States should lift the sanctions imposed on Iran, return to the UN Security Council, and reflect on it," he said. It is your mistake to promise not to take such action in the future.

Wang Yi also said that China welcomes security, peace and stability in the region, and expressed his country's support for the "Hormuz Peace Endeavour" initiative proposed by Iran to establish peace and stability in the region.

The Chinese Foreign Minister described the US and foreign powers' intervention in the region as causing chaos and insecurity in the region, adding, "Constructive solutions acceptable to all countries in the region should be considered in this regard".

The Chinese Foreign Minister stressed, "According to the agreements, in the future, we will provide more COVID-19 vaccine to Iran and Iran is our priority in this regard".

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