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Dr Rouhani at the new year's first cabinet session:

Gov't won't have a single day off until the end of its term/ We will use all the remaining days and hours for country's progress/ Fighting COVID, sanctions our two important goals in the next four months/ Production very important to achieve the slogan of the year

The President said that the government will not have a single day off in the next 17 weeks until the end of its term, adding, "We will use our all power to finish the projects and begin the activities that we consider necessary for the country".

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Wed 24 - März 2021 - 13:30

Speaking on Wednesday in the first meeting of the Council of Ministers in the year 1400, Dr Hassan Rouhani added, "Coronavirus and sanctions are our two important goals in these four months and we pursue every day to lift the sanctions".

Dr Rouhani continued, "I believe that if the other parties (P5+1) decide to fulfil their obligations and, as the Supreme Leader of the Revolution emphasised, it becomes clear that they have really lifted the sanctions, we will return to our obligations as well".

The President added, "This is an important message and point that we are telling the world, despite the three years of oppression that has been inflicted on us, if we see real action on your part, we are ready to return to our obligations".

"For the time being, we do not intend to talk about the losses inflicted on us, but the country's officials will pursue that matter it in due time," he said.

Emphasising that the Supreme Leader's remarks have taken the excuse from them and they no longer have an excuse, Dr Rouhani said, "The highest official of our country has said in a clear tone that if they return to their commitments seriously and realistically, we will return to all our obligations as well".

The President added, "The criterion between us and the P5+1 is the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and if the other side acts on the entirety of the JCPOA, we will also fulfil our obligations".

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "I promise to the dear nation of Iran that in the four and a half months that are left from the government's term, moving in the direction of our national interests will not be slowed down even a bit, and we will work with the same spirit of the beginning".

The president said that the government will continue its efforts to control coronavirus, adding, "Of course, coronavirus has caused a lot of damage to the country and the people, and we are still facing its damages".

Dr Rouhani described 'strengthening production' as another important goal of the government and said, "According to the emphasis of the Supreme Leader for the new year in the field of production, we will seriously pursue this issue and increase production".

Referring to the importance of supporting and removing barriers to production, the President said, "From the first days of the new year, we have put this issues on our agenda, and various meetings have been held in this regard in recent days".

Dr Rouhani said, "Last year, although it was a very difficult year due to the intense economic war and the inhumane actions of the Trump administration, which has not yet been significantly changed by the new administration, very large inaugurations happened in various fields of water, electricity, dams, water supply to villages and oil, gas and petrochemical sectors".

The President pointed out, "Many of the inaugurations of important projects last year were due to the openings that were achieved with the JCPOA, and we witnessed its effects".

Dr Rouhani described capital, technology and constructive interaction with the world as necessary for production and said, "Constructive interaction with the world also requires political and economic conditions because a person who intends to invest in the country seeks how to bring his money and capital to the country and if there is an obstruction, there will be no investment, so we must remove the obstructions".

Appreciating the efforts of the government's economic departments, the Ministry of Labour, and the Plan and Budget Organisation, the President said, "According to the statistics of the Plan and Budget Organisation, 93% of the budget that was supposed to be realised in the year 1399 has been realised".

Referring to the barriers to production in the country, the president said, "Some of these barriers are in the hands of the government and some are in the hands of other branches. Therefore, we must all join hands to provide the necessary security for investment and for people to feel the conditions of hope".

Dr Rouhani described the situation as hopeful and said, "We must maintain our unity and tell the truth".

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