sonntag 12 April 2015 - 22:43
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Supreme Council of Cyberspace convenes under the chairmanship of Dr Rouhani

The Supreme Council of Cyberspace convened on Tuesday afternoon, chaired by President Dr Hassan Rouhani, and the members reviewed other parts of the document of "Protection of Children and Adolescents in Cyberspace.

Code: 120198 -

Tue 16 - März 2021 - 23:02

At this meeting, based on the decision of the members, it was decided to classify the content and services according to age, gender and physical and cultural characteristics for children, adolescents, in the protected environment on the basis of the national network.

Psychological and social care of children and adolescents against the harms caused by cyberspace and the intensification of judicial and disciplinary action against criminals and threats to the security of children and adolescents in cyberspace were also approved by the members.

According to another paragraph of this document, it was decided to take advantage of the capacities of adolescents in the production and distribution of healthy content by creating the necessary incentives, considering the considerations needed to prevent monopolies.

Code: 120198

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