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Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus:

We’re still far away from a reassuring point in managing COVID; we need to continue to follow health protocols/ We will have more, wider vaccinations this week and in the coming weeks

Appreciating all the individuals and organisations that have cooperated and worked in the field of combatting coronavirus in more than a year, the President said, "Statistics and charts from all over the country show that except for one or two provinces, the situation in the country is good”.

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He added, “But we need to take this in mind that that the risk of the fourth wave of the disease is not eliminated and we must work to maintain this good condition”.

Speaking on Saturday at the 61st meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Dr Hassan Rouhani added, "During this period, very valuable measures were taken to combat this global disease in the country, which can be a roadmap for the future”.

Referring to the arrival of Nowruz and the increase in family visits these days, the President said, "Considering that we are still dealing with this disease and have not yet reached a reassuring and stable point, this year we must hold the visits with masks and without shaking hands”.

Dr Rouhani appreciated people’s cooperation with the National Task Force Against Coronavirus in implementing the resolutions and observing the health protocols.

Appreciating the cooperation of producers and guilds during the outbreak of coronavirus, the President said, "The production field was not closed for a single day during this period and the production complexes performed very well in compliance with health protocols”.

Dr Rouhani emphasised the need to maintain and improve the situation in the country in terms of controlling virus and said, "It should be noted that the danger of the fourth wave is not eliminated yet and this danger may be ahead of us at any moment”.

The President emphasised the continuation of the observance of health instructions and said, "I ask all the people to observe health protocols so that there is no danger for any family".

Referring to the vaccination process based on the set priorities, Dr Rouhani said, "According to the report presented in this meeting, we will have extensive vaccinations this week and next week. At the same time, every effort should be made to normalise the situation by promoting better research and production of vaccines”.

The president added, "We still do not know how the new vaccines will affect mutated species, but we hope it will be in a way that people will have less problems".

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