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President at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus:

Everyone should work hard to complete vaccinating process of health staff, vulnerable elderly, people with underlying diseases according to the provisions of the National Vaccination Document by the end of this year

After the report of the Health Committee of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus on the vaccination process in the country, the President emphasised that with the arrival of new vaccine shipments, efforts should be made to vaccinate about 1.3 million health personnel and vulnerable elderly people and those with underlying disease to be completed by the end of this year.

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Thu 11 - Februar 2021 - 14:36

Dr Rouhani emphasised that all stages of vaccination operations in the country should be carried out exactly within the framework of the national document, and its process should be reported accurately and transparently to the people so that no ambiguity in this regard remains unanswered.

The President stated, "It is necessary to clearly explain the details of the national vaccination document and explain it to the public through the mass media and the media capacities in the country".

Dr Rouhani added, "It is also necessary to inform all relevant agencies that the process of informing about the vaccine and all related issues, should be done through a single channel and through the spokesman of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus".

The President instructed the Advertising Committee of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus to coordinate informing people of the instructions through the national media and cyberspace regarding the process of vaccination.

Dr Rouhani also paid tribute to the health martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the health of the people during the past year, and expressed satisfaction with the process of vaccinating health personnel and ensuring the safety of their lives.

While thanking the revolutionary and honourable people of Iran, the President also appreciated and thanked the coordination and cooperation of all the executive, supervisory and disciplinary bodies of the ceremony of the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Dr Rouhani also pointed out that by designing, compiling, implementing and closely monitoring health instructions in the past year, we were able to successfully hold many national, religious and even educational occasions and events such as the entrance exam, and certainly using the experiences obtained and at the same time studying international experiences, we can hold a glorious election with the high participation of the people along with ensuring the health of the society in the year 1400.

The President stated, "In no way should we allow the special conditions of COVID-19 to prevent maximum participation in next year's elections, so the Minister of the Interior, as the executive in charge of holding elections and in charge of the Executive Headquarters of Fighting Coronavirus, should coordinate with other committees, and take advantage of all electronic facilities to design and implement all stages of the 1400 elections in such a way as to ensure the health of the society at the same time as the enthusiastic and high turnout of the people in the elections".

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