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President appoints 4 members of Supreme Council of Environmental Protection

President Rouhani appointed Dr Reza Maknoun, Mr Mohammdreza Tabesh, Mr Majid Abbaspour Tehrani, and Mr Farhad Dabiri as members of the Supreme Council of Environmental Protection for another three-year term.

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Tue 02 - Februar 2021 - 14:24

President Hassan Rouhani's letter of appointment reads:

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Dear Dr Reza Maknoun,

Dear Mr Mohammdreza Tabesh,

Dear Mr Majid Abbaspour Tehrani,

Dear Mr Farhad Dabiri,

According to Article (2) of the amendment to the subject of Paragraph (1) of the single article of the Law on Amendment of the Law on Environmental Protection and Improvement approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and based on the proposal of the Vice President and Head of the Department of Environment, and your valuable experiences, you are being appointed as a "Member of the Supreme Council of Environmental Protection" for another 3 years.

I wish you success in performing your duties properly by observing the principles of rule of law, moderation and the code of ethics of the government of prudence and hope, in serving Islam and the honourable nation of Iran.

Hassan Rouhani

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Code: 119400

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