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The President in the ceremony of launching 3 infrastructure projects of the Ministry of Energy:

Sanctions have failed stopping us from rapid development of projects/ Spreading despair, disappointment the highest betrayal to Iranian people/ Gov't at the forefront of the battlefield; Forgetting services not fair, ethical

The President described one of the honours of the Government of Prudence and Hope as a special and extensive investment in the water sector and stressed that the enemies should know that the sanctions have failed to surrender us and stop the accelerated development plans of Islamic Iran.

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Thu 29 - Oktober 2020 - 12:45

Speaking on Thursday at the inauguration ceremony of 3 infrastructure projects of the Ministry of Energy, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "Today, the highest betrayal to the Iranian people in the middle of the battlefield against the United States, Zionism and reactionaries in the region is to spread despair and disappointment".

Emphasising that in the current economic war of the enemies against Islamic Iran, we should all help and assist each other, the President said, "The government is at the forefront of the battlefield and those who criticise the government, should also consider the services of the government, because forgetting services is not fair and ethical".

Dr Rouhani described the restoration of Lake Urmia and the operation of the water transmission line from the Persian Gulf to the Iranian plateau as two great, lasting projects of the Government of Prudence and Hope and said, "Probably in the coming weeks, the operation of the Persian Gulf water desalination project and its transfer to the Iranian plateau begins, which along with the plan to restore Lake Urmia, is one of the big plans in the Government of Prudence and Hope".

The President referred to the projects of the sixth water treatment plant in Tehran with a capacity of 75,000 litters per second, the three main and large systems of the ring drinking water transmission network project in Tehran and the second unit of the gas section of Qeshm Combined Cycle Power Plant with a production capacity of 175 MW, saying that these 3 large projects have cost 3.34 trillion tomans.

Dr Rouhani referred to the issue of providing quality drinking water for the Tehran Province and stated that the government has invested more than 19 trillion tomans in the water and electricity sector in Tehran, adding, "9,000 kilometres of water piping in Tehran, along with large treatment plants, has provided the annual consumption of more than one billion cubic meters of water with the quality needed by the people of Tehran".

Emphasising the special importance of the culture of optimal water consumption, the President said, "This cultural act can complement the efforts of Iranian engineers active in the field of water transfer to Tehran".

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