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Dr Rouhani in a phone call with his Turkish counterpart:

Iran-Turkey ties a model for neighbours/ Emphasis on fighting terrorism in region; terrorist groups can be a major threat to region/ Continued cooperation between Iran, Turkey, Russia essential to resolve the Syrian crisis

The President described relations with Turkey, as friendly and neighbourly country, as a model for other neighbours and stressed the need to further develop economic and trade relations.

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Thu 22 - Oktober 2020 - 18:48

Speaking on Thursday evening in a phone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to the meeting of the High Council for Cooperation between the two countries in Tehran through video conference, and stressed the need to implement the agreements between the two countries as soon as possible, especially commercial and banking ties.

Referring to the negative impact of illegal US sanctions and the outbreak of coronavirus on trade and economic relations between the two countries, Dr Rouhani expressed hope that the level of trade and economic relations between the two countries would deepen by fully observing health protocols and increasing truck traffic and number of flights.

The President called the fight against terrorism in the region an important issue and added, "Terrorist groups can be a great danger for the region".

Dr Rouhani also expressed readiness to work with Turkey to combat coronavirus and share experiences in this regard.

In another part of the conversation, President Rouhani referred to the Nagorno-Karabakh crisis and the need to maintain security in the border cities of Iran with Azerbaijan and Armenia, adding, "Our position in this regard is quite clear and we believe that war is not the solution, and problems should be resolved through negotiation".

Dr Rouhani added, "I believe that Iran and Turkey, as two powerful countries in the region, as well as Russia, can help to establish peace and stability in the region and witness the establishment of peace in the region by implementing international law and territorial integrity".

Referring to the cooperation between Iran, Turkey and Russia to help solve the Syrian problem in the framework of the Astana Process, the President expressed hope that the continuation of this cooperation would lead to solving the Syrian problem, ending terrorism in the region and preserving Syria's territorial integrity.

In this telephone call, the President of Turkey mentioned Iran as a good friend and neighbour to Turkey and emphasised on the development of relations and cooperation between the two countries within the framework of the implementation of the agreements of the High Council for Cooperation between the two countries.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stressed, "We will continue to support Iran against unilateral US sanctions and we will do our best to develop trade and economic relations as in the past".

The President of Turkey described cooperation with Iran in the fight against terrorism as an important factor in establishing peace and security in the region and stressed the continuation of this cooperation.

President Erdoğan also expressed hope that Iran-Turkey cooperation on the Nagorno-Karabakh crisis would lead to a solution to the crisis through dialogue and the return of peace to the region.

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