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Dr Rouhani in response to the Minister of Health's letter on coronavirus-related issues;

Path to summit hard, burden very heavy, there is no choice but patience, forbearance, self-sacrifice, devotion, prudence / I kiss the hands of all health defenders

"We are in a very difficult situation," the president wrote after receiving a report by the Minister of Health on the recent situation regarding the outbreak of coronavirus and issues related to it, and effective ways to deal with the growing wave of the disease.

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Wed 21 - Oktober 2020 - 22:13

Dr Rouhani wrote in the postscript to the letter and report of the Minister of Health, "The rocky path to the summit is a difficult and the burden is very heavy; There is no choice but patience, self-sacrifice, devotion and prudence".

He added, "Friends of the government, from Dr Nobakht and Dr Hemmati to Dr Rahmani Fazli, have taken useful and effective measures as much as they can. Just as we should not underestimate the danger of the virus, we should not underestimate the unprecedented anti-human sanctions of the enemy".

"Please raise any important issues you have in the meetings of the chairmen of the committees on Thursdays, and God willing, we will overcome the problems. I kiss the hands of all the health defenders," wrote the President.

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