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President in a meeting with Health Minister, directors of the Ministry:

It is a great lesson for all of us when Supreme Leader commits himself to implementing Coronavirus Task Force's resolutions/ People should strictly follow health instructions, task force's resolutions/ By providing 15,000 new tests, number of daily corona tests in country to reach 40k cases

Emphasising that when the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution considers himself obliged to implement the resolutions of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, it is a great lesson for all of us that we must strictly observe these resolutions.

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Tue 20 - Oktober 2020 - 01:10

Speaking on Monday evening in a meeting with the Minister and Deputy Ministers of Health and Medical Education, heads of the University of Medical Sciences, and coronavirus specialists, Dr Hassan Rouhani called on all people to strictly follow health protocols and the resolutions of the task force.

After reviewing the eight-month record of fighting coronavirus, he said, "The most important thing now is for the people to trust doctors, specialists and influential people in the society".

Emphasising the importance of lifestyle changes in the process of combating coronavirus, the President said, "We must assume in an even pessimistic way that we will face this disease for another two years, and we must change our lifestyle and accept that the current situation is completely different from the situation before the virus".

Dr Rouhani called the provision of electronic services to the people necessary and stressed that all departments that have the necessary infrastructure to provide electronic services should do so.

He continued, "We will not succeed in anything if the people are not with us, and in this regard, the good news and warning must go hand in hand".

Dr Rouhani called the prevention of the disease very important in the process of combating COVID-19 and stated, "Using masks by everyone, observing physical distancing and principles of public health to prevent people from getting the disease and in the next stage, breaking the chain of coronavirus through rapid identification of patients are essential".

He stressed, "People should know that despite the economic and currency problems, if the Ministry of Health needed government assistance in the fight against coronavirus, we will be at people's service".

Dr Rouhani said, "The Ministry of Health now performs 25,000 COVID-19 tests per day and the government will provide the cost of another 15,000 tests. Thus, the number of daily corona tests in the country will reach 40,000".

The president added, "If the Ministry of Health has to buy new COVID-19 test kits, the government will help, and today I told the Minister of Health that in the first phase we will buy 20 million new kits, but in the meantime, we will buy as much as necessary".

He emphasised the importance of intensifying monitoring and accurate implementation of the resolutions of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus.

Dr Rouhani stated, "People should feel that these resolutions are final and necessary, and they should implement and act, and it is necessary to explain to the people what gatherings and lifestyles have increased the number of cases and deaths".

In another part of his speech, Dr Rouhani referred to the importance of coordinating provincial task forces, especially the task force of Tehran province, and said, "All provincial task forces have powers within the framework of the resolutions, which they can use in necessary cases".

The President stressed that whenever it is necessary for the National Task Force to convene a meeting - even if it is necessary to have 3-4 meetings a day - we are ready because today our first priority is to preserve the lives and health of the people.

Dr Rouhani stated, "The first priority of the government, with all the facilities at its disposal, is the health of the people and our medical sector has done a great job until today and this is not something that can be ignored".

Emphasising that we can get rid of the disease well by working together, the President assured people that the country's health centres and the government have done their best to fight Coronavirus.

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