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President at the meeting of the Executive Council of Information Technology:

Certificate inquiry system an effective measure for development of e-gov't/ E-management system brings welfare for people, reduces costs, accelerates gov't affairs/ Gov't efforts to facilitate trade by resolving differences in processes

President called the launch of the certificate inquiry system a valuable step and said, "This system is one of the most effective measures for the development of e-government and due to the multiplicity of educational centres and at the same time the requirement to provide certificates by citizens, this system is one the best actions in this area".

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Tue 13 - Oktober 2020 - 20:00

Speaking on Tuesday evening at the meeting of the Executive Council of Information Technology and at the unveiling ceremony of the "Certificate Inquiry System", Dr Hassan Rouhani added, "This system both facilitates administrative affairs in the field of academic certificates and prevents wasting the citizens' time and energy".

Dr Rouhani expressed hope that the necessary measures will be taken in other areas in e-government to accelerate and facilitate the administrative affairs of the country within the framework of e-government.

The President also mentioned the multiplicity of laws and lack of transparency along with the differences in the procedures of the executive and governing bodies as the causes of inconsistencies in trade and customs affairs and stressed that the government is trying to establish a comprehensive trade system through legal ways and create the single window of cross-border trade to resolve differences of processes and facilitate trade.

Dr Rouhani said that from the beginning, the government has paid special attention to the comprehensive trade infrastructure to facilitate trade and solve the problems of economic actors, saying, "The establishment of electronic customs was the most important cross-border trade platform through which the government established its foundations".  

The President said, "The government has now solved many trade issues and problems caused by the lack of transparency, monopoly, inconsistency in exports and imports by launching a comprehensive trade system, and this system not only brings information transparency, but also facilitates trade and removes barriers".

Dr Rouhani stated, "With this system, we can learn about the status of the country's exports and imports, and the officials of the relevant executive bodies, if necessary, can monitor the country's export and import status and report when necessary".

The President said, "Agriculture has a great role in the country's economy and the more we strengthen the agricultural sector, the closer we can become to our goal, which is food security".

Dr Rouhani described the realisation of e-government as one of the basic needs in the field of agriculture and added, "Fortunately, good work has been done in this field and a comprehensive and intelligent agricultural information system covers production, distribution and exports with the help of its multiple sub-branches".

Referring to the design of the country's integrated agricultural information system and accurate monitoring of agricultural affairs across the country and the "Keshavarzyar" system, which establishes direct communication between farmers and specialists in each province online, the President said, "The distribution system of goods in the country in terms of infrastructure and performance should move towards the desired situation and avoid the traditional forms of the structure of distribution of goods in the country that increase the cost of goods".

Dr Rouhani further referred to the executive instructions of systematic management of electronic documents and said, "Easy and low-cost access to the required documents, limited space required for archive, easy information and coherent and controllable management and control are the benefits of the electronic documents".

The President added, "Systematic management of electronic documents facilitates and accelerates the processes related to the exchange of electronic documents and guarantees authenticity and credibility".

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