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President at the inauguration of renovation and reconstruction projects of flood-hit areas;

Renovation and reconstruction of flood-hit areas a great historical work, national honour/ We must work hard in building dams/ Gov't done a great job in dam construction

The President described the renovation and reconstruction of the flood-hit areas across the country in the time span of a little more than a year a great historical work and a national honour, and stressed that the cooperation and devotion of the people during the 2019 floods and the process of reconstruction of damages will be recorded in country's history.

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Mon 12 - Oktober 2020 - 18:25

Speaking on Monday evening at the inauguration ceremony of national projects for renovation and reconstruction of the flood-hit areas across the country, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "66,000 residential and commercial units were completely destroyed in the bitter flood of 2019 and about 90,000 residential and commercial units were damaged".

Stating that in the flood incident of 2019, all the people cooperated, Dr Rouhani said, "The Supreme Leader of the Revolution, who leads and guides us in all critical moments, also guided us in this issue, and all institutions, foundations, armed forces and all people came to work, and in a year and a few months we were able to complete almost all the roads, villages and houses in all the areas that were destroyed by the floods or damaged a lot, which was a great historical work".

Emphasising the importance of disaster prevention and timely planning for dealing with disasters, the President said, "Following the 2019 floods, I obliged a group of university professors and specialists to work on the subject of the 2019 floods, which resulted in the compilation of 17 volumes of books on our strengths and weaknesses".

Dr Rouhani further referred to the important role of dams in preventing flood damage to residential and agricultural areas of the country and said, "We must work hard in building dams and the government has done a great job in this area".

Referring to the resistance of dams built by Iranian engineers during the floods of 2019, the President added, "According to reports, 200 large dams in the world have not been able to resist during the floods, and their destruction has multiplied the flood damage in those countries, but none of the dams built in Iran by Iranian experts failed in the face of this huge flood, and our engineers' work is admirable".

He stated that the work of reconstruction and renovation of residential and commercial units and infrastructure damaged by the that flood has been done with great speed and accuracy, and said, "With the reinforcement of buildings and proper location for the construction of new residential units, we have tried to prevent further damage in the event of future incidents".

Dr Rouhani stated, "It is important that in the construction of new residential units, we make sure that the buildings are built in suitable places, and that is why many villages destroyed by floods and earthquakes have been relocated to inappropriate places".

The President considered it very important to pay attention to possible incidents in the future and to try to reduce the possible damages, and added, "Fortunately, with the care and efforts of engineers, reconstruction and renovation of units damaged by floods and earthquakes in recent years has been such that we will face less problems and damages in possible future events".

In this regard, Dr Rouhani mentioned the measures taken in the field of dredging rivers and also the construction of concrete walls for canals as reasons for reducing the damage in this spring rains, which deserves appreciation and gratitude.

The President emphasised that in order to prevent problems and damages caused by natural disasters, it is necessary to take simultaneous software measures such as laws, regulations, more coordination, and insurance and hardware, such as building roads and infrastructure, canals and dredging rivers.

In the end, Dr Rouhani thanked all the people and organisations who have cooperated and worked in the important work of renovating and rebuilding the areas affected by the 2019 floods, and expressed hope that by being more prepared for possible future events, we will see the least problems and damages.

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