sonntag 12 April 2015 - 22:43
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Following "Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production" campaign;

17 reconstruction projects in flood-hit areas open by ministries of agriculture, roads, Housing Foundation

On Monday evening in the 28th week of the inauguration of national plans and projects across the country, Dr Hassan Rouhani inaugurated 17 reconstruction projects and 26 in flood-hit areas, which were carried out by ministries of 'Agriculture Jihad', 'Roads and Urban Development', and the Housing Foundation.

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Mon 12 - Oktober 2020 - 18:23

Safety and maintenance of main roads (1299 km of roads), repair and reconstruction of technical infrastructure and bridges (752 units), maintenance of main and rural roads (867 km), repair and reconstruction of main and secondary rural roads (7000 km), were among the projects that has been put into operation by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in the flood-hit regions of the country.

Other projects in the field of water and irrigation, granting loans to those farmers hit by the floods were carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad.

The construction and reconstruction of housing units and temporary housing units were the other projects that were carried out by the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution.

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