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President speaking with CBI Governor:

Americans cannot break Iranian people's resistance by creating obstacles, problems in supply of medicine, food/ New US sanctions announced with purpose of US domestic propaganda-political efforts

The President called the US efforts to create serious obstacles and problems in the transfer of currency for the supply of medicine and food as cruel, terrorist and inhumane, and stressed that the Americans had done everything they could against the great nation of Iran, but they cannot break the Iranian nation's resistance with their anti-human efforts.

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Fri 09 - Oktober 2020 - 19:06

Speaking with the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) of Friday, Dr Hassan Rouhani received a report on the process of providing foreign currency for essentials and medicine the as the US government's anti-Iranian efforts, and appreciated the efforts of the Central Bank and banks active in meeting basic needs of the people, stating, "The actions of the US government are in the framework of propaganda-political efforts with their own internal goals".

The President said that these fruitless actions and behaviour by the US are the continuation of Trump's strategic mistake in withdrawing from the nuclear deal, saying the US administration, with their wrong analysis, believed that the sanctions would break Iran's resistance and cause us trouble, but time has shown that this analysis is far from reality and has been ineffective.

Dr Rouhani pointed out that the United States fails every time it repeats its strategic mistakes, a new example of which was trying to activate the trigger mechanism, adding, "All countries see that these US actions are completely against international law and regulations, and with the outbreak of coronavirus, is a completely inhumane act by Washington, and human rights activists around the world must condemn it".

The Governor of the Central Bank also said, "New US sanctions have not cancelled previous drug and commodity exemptions, and banks that have been subject to secondary sanctions at this stage will continue to use swift to continue financing commodities".

Dr Hemmati added, "The US government creates serious obstacles and problems in the transfer of currency for the supply of medicine and food under various pretexts, but with the efforts of the Central Bank, banks and respected businessmen, we did not let any shortage to be caused in this regard with special methods".

Code: 117726

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