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President at the meeting of chairmen coronavirus task force committees:

People's cooperation, support main condition for success in implementing new regulations, restrictions in controlling COVID-19

The President described the approval and implementation of strict regulations and the imposition of a series of restrictions as the demand of the public and experts in the process of confronting coronavirus, and stressed that the first condition for the success of these regulations and restrictions in controlling coronavirus is people's cooperation and support.

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Wed 07 - Oktober 2020 - 19:41

Dr Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday at the meeting of the heads of the committees of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, "We know that the temporary closure of some businesses is a problem for the people, but in the current situation we have no choice but to increase restrictions".

Emphasising the implementation of the plan of using masks from house to house, the president added, "The first phase of this plan will be implemented from Saturday for Tehran Province and, if necessary, may be implemented and operational in other provinces as well".

Dr Rouhani stated, "For the proper execution and effectiveness of crimes designated by the Social-Security and Medical committees of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, the Information and Advertising Committee is obliged to cooperate with the national media and cyberspace and make maximum use of all media in the country to inform people about this issue and educate them to take effective and continuous action".

The President described the duty of unions, guilds, professionals, managers and officials in observing protocols, monitoring and enforcing crimes as very serious and said, "All these departments are obliged to implement these crimes and constantly monitor them, and define this as part of their priority tasks".

Referring to the implementation of the plan to use masks from house to house, Dr Rouhani said, "Due to the obligation to use masks in Tehran and some parts of the country, the relevant agencies and officials have been obliged to redouble their efforts to provide cheap masks".

The President further referred to Arba'een and the necessity of strict observance of health protocols and said, "Fortunately, with the cooperation of the religious and disciplined people of our country, all protocols were implemented well in most cities in Muharram mourning ceremonies and now the expectation is that in mourning ceremony of Arba'een and the last ten days of Safar month, these protocols must be implemented in the best way so that we do not even see some minor violations".

Code: 117721

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