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Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the cabinet's Economic Coordination Board:

Lack of coherence of information in supply chain, distribution of goods led to misuse, damage to people's peace of mind, psychological security/ Comprehensive System of Supply and Distribution of Goods provides effective fight against corruption, smuggling

The President instructed the new Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade to create a complete supply and distribution chain, including production, export and import in the country, from the order registration stage to the distribution of goods in stores, and provide access to this system for all managers, economic executives and the public.

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Sun 04 - Oktober 2020 - 17:12

In the one hundred and seventieth meeting of the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board, which was held on Sunday morning chaired by Dr Hassan Rouhani, following the approvals and discussions of previous meetings regarding the creation and activation of the country's comprehensive trade information system, the Ministry of Industry reported on its efforts in this regard.

The President described this system as the centre of information and management of goods and imports and exports of the country, and emphasised the urgent need of the country's economy for it and the need to complete the extensive coverage of this system.

He added, "The distribution of goods in the country has continued for many decades, which not only left the country's activists, producers and economic managers with a lack of managerial information, but also created a ground for abuses that harmed the peace of mind and psychological security of the people regarding the economy".

The President said that this system should be able to connect all the links of the supply and distribution of goods, adding that this system will provide transparency and a enable us to deal more effectively with corruption and smuggling.

Dr Rouhani clarified, "All agencies, including customs and insurance, are obliged to take immediate steps to fully join this system".

In this meeting, the President emphasised that the tradesmen and businessmen of the country, whether in the conditions of economic war or in normal conditions, should not be involved in any administrative obstacles in the course of their activities, and said, "In addition to removing obstacles and creating ease and speed for the activity of traders, the government considers it its duty to provide incentives for those well-known and committed exporters of the country who have had an effective and useful performance in the recent difficult conditions".

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