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President at the session of cabinet’s economic board:

Using coronavirus opportunity essential for e-gov’t development/ Stressing planning, communications and information technology’s readiness for holding new chapter of education through National Information Network

After hearing the Minister of Communications and Information Technology's report on the creation of new jobs during the period of coronavirus spread, the President called for the use of the opportunities created by coronavirus for the development of e-government and stressed the need for planning and preparation for the communications and information technology sector to hold the new season of education on the National Information Network.

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Tue 30 - Juni 2020 - 12:37

Speaking on Tuesday at the government’s economic board, Dr Hassan Rouhani also instructed the relevant agencies to take action to remove obstacles on the path of virtual businesses and to help the prosperity of those businesses that flourished during coronavirus era.

The President stated, "It is necessary to form a workgroup to regulate the relations between the private sector and the public sector in the field of innovative services in specialised ministries with the presence of the Ministry of Communications, the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs and the Ministry of Economy”.

The president also instructed the Ministry of Economy to review the Ministry of Communications' proposal to define "tax credit" packages instead of "tax exemptions" for innovative companies and to implement them.

The President called on the Minister of Economy to facilitate the entry of companies active in the field of digital economy into the stock market and to create a special market for the admission of knowledge-based and active companies in the field of digital economy.

During the meeting, the Minister of Communications presented a report on the creation of new jobs during the coronavirus outbreak era, on which the topics of e-health, online entertainment, online goods transportation services, as well as virtual education and cybersecurity services.

According to the report, the government's efforts to develop communication infrastructure over the past few years have allowed various sectors of the economy and services to take a new approach in the continuation of their global economic and service activities.


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