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At the meeting cabinet’s economic board:

President stresses transparent timing for the issuance of securities to attract economic actors’ participation to production, capital market/ Central Bank's report on the reduction of liquidity growth in the country compared to last year

The 147th session of the government's economic board was held on Saturday morning, chaired by President Hassan Rouhani.

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Sat 27 - Juni 2020 - 12:17

After receiving the report of the Governor of the Central Bank on the declining trend of liquidity growth this year compared to last year in the Iranian calendar, the President stressed the need to accelerate the sale of surplus property and shares of state-owned companies, as major economic policies of the government.

He added, “The issuance of treasury bonds, strengthening the capital market, directing liquidity and controlling prices, boosting the stock market and the government's exit from corporate governance should be implemented as soon as possible so that people can see its positive effects on the country's economy”.

The board was also presented with a report on the performance and program of issuance of Islamic financial securities in the current Iranian year, and discussed how they should be published and supplied.

Dr Rouhani added, "The country's liquidity should be directed towards production and investment in the money and capital markets, and participation bonds should help to invest and strengthen the country's infrastructure and development projects".

The President continued, "With the coordination and full cooperation of the relevant agencies, the schedule of participation bonds should be announced and implemented in a transparent manner so that the possibility of participation of economic activists in the money and capital markets is fully provided".

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