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Dr Rouhani at the meeting of the chairmen of the specialised committees of coronavirus task force:

Preparing people for living with coronavirus has improved the situation, deserves appreciation/ World entering another stage in fighting coronavirus/ Using masks in new stage of fighting coronavirus outbreak essential

Appreciating the efforts of the country's medical and health staff, officials of different sectors of fighting coronavirus and especially people's cooperation in the first stage of the disease, the President said, "We are entering another stage in the fight against coronavirus, in which the use of masks is inevitable".

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Thu 25 - Juni 2020 - 18:31

Speaking at a meeting of the heads of specialised committees of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus on Thursday, President Hassan Rouhani said, "In addition to developing the necessary protocols for the areas and places where the use of masks is required, the necessary measures should be taken to provide an easy and inexpensive access to masks".

He also said, "Although we are witnessing the new peak of the disease and the increase in the number of people infected and those lost their lives in some cities around the country in the recent two weeks, the overall figures indicate that the outbreak has decreased".

The President added, "Apart from the tireless efforts of the country's health sector, the measures taken in the field of preparing people to adapt their lives with combatting the spread of the disease, have been effective and have improved the situation, which deserves appreciation".

Dr Rouhani stated that the world is entering another stage in fighting coronavirus, adding, "Iran is no exception in this regard and we must be among the leading countries in the new stage and as faster and more effective as the previous stages of fighting this virus".

The president called for the widespread use of masks and strict implementation of health protocols as a necessary step in the new phase of the fighting coronavirus, adding, "Although in some countries, people are punished by heavy fines because of not observing health protocols, we hope that like the previous stage with people's help, we do not need to impose fines and use coercive behaviours".

Dr Rouhani said, "In order to obligate the use of masks for the public, we need to produce and supply them at a low price, which is essential alongside the effective steps of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and the country's manufacturing sectors and teaching people to make home-made washable masks by the media is very important".

Stating that people have shown that they value and care for their own and the society's health, the president added, "The heads of Social-Security Committee and the Economic Committee, as well as the Health Committee of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus have prepared instructions about how and in what areas of the country the use of masks will be compulsory, which will be announced when approved by the national committee".

Dr Rouhani mentioned the determination of the strategies and methods of guaranteeing health instructions announced by the national task force as one of the duties of the Social-Security Committee of the task force and emphasised the necessity of its implementation in a logical and effective manner.

The President also instructed the Minister of Roads and Urban Development to act on the issues raised in the government's economic coordination board on policies to improve the situation in the housing market.


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