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President at the inauguration ceremony of 3 major national projects of Ministry of Oil:

Iran's very strong message to sanctions: Sanctions are ineffective and the advancement of national projects will continue without even a minute's pause/ Jask will become an important base for Iran's oil exports/ Thanking specialists and employees of the Ministry of Oil

The President described the opening of huge national projects in Islamic Iran as a very strong message to the Americans, enemies and those who sanction the great Iranian nation and emphasised, "Enemies must know that their efforts will be in vain and we will not stop even for a minute and that we will continue to advance our important national projects and goals".

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Thu 25 - Juni 2020 - 18:30

Speaking on Thursday at the official ceremony for inauguration of two projects and the start of the national operation of the construction of the Goureh-Jask oil pipeline, Dr Hassan Rouhani said that according to the oil minister, 17 important projects in the petrochemical industry will be opened by the end of the year.

Emphasising that the third phase of the jump in the petrochemical industry will be implemented soon, the president said, "The private sector has to invest in the downstream sector of large petrochemical projects so that we can witness a major transformation in the industry".

Dr Rouhani also stated that Jask will become an important base for Iran's oil exports, adding, "The ability to implement the huge national project for the construction of the Goureh-Jask oil pipeline from Bushehr province to Hormozgan province shows the capability of the Iranian nation, researchers and craftsmen".

The President described the implementation and construction of the 1,000-kilometre pipeline as a great achievement of Iranian producers and added, "Experts of Iranian companies, following the sanctions of the enemies, have taken on the plan to produce oil pipelines to Jask and successfully completed it".

Dr Rouhani expressed hope that with the completion of this project by March of next year, one million barrels of Iranian oil will be exported daily from Jask.

Stating that the development of the Makran beach is important for us and is one of the subjects that the Supreme Leader has emphasised, the President said, "Today is also a day of trust for our oil buyers and will remain in the country's energy history".

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