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President in the meeting of national planning and efforts to realise the slogan of Surge in Production:

Governor generals should explain gov't provincial and regional services to people/ The three principles of health, livelihood and security should be prioritised/ Our oil export doesn't rely on Strait of Hormuz anymore, we are transporting oil to Jask and Oman Sea with a thousand kilometers of piping

Explaining some of the country's great achievements in various fields and praising the resistance of the great nation of Iran against the conspiracies of the enemies, the President emphasised, "These resilient people are now under pressure and everyone must come to the stage to remove these pressures, and it is essential that ministers, governor generals, experts and specialists find solutions to these pressures.

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Tue 23 - Juni 2020 - 23:50

Speaking on Tuesday evening at a meeting of national planning and efforts to fulfill the slogan of Surge in Production, which was held with governor generals from across the country taking part, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "We need to take advantage of the limitations made by the enemies as an opportunity for making a big change in the country through unity and integrity".

Stating that the three principles of health, livelihood and security of the people should be at the forefront of all our efforts, the President said, "A little more than a year has left of the 12th government's life, but all officials and governor generals must have this in mind that their service is as valuable and important as the first few minutes of service".

Dr Rouhani added, "Some measures and services of the government, including doubling the number of new and renovated hospital beds and significant increase in special medical services, significant expansion of communication infrastructure and high-speed Internet, 100 times increase in knowledge-based companies, significant development of railways, over two times increase in the supply of gas to the villages and 10 times increase in sustainable safe water for the rural population are examples of services that are tangible and easy for people to understand".

Stating that government services should be properly publicised, the president said, "Every province should prepare a documentary book for the Islamic Republic of Iran and say where was this province at the beginning of the century and where it is the end of the century".

Dr Rouhani enumerated some other great services of the government of prudence and hope, including the start of construction of a 1,000-kilometer oil pipeline to Jask, water transfer to the central plateau, connection of the country's railways from Chabahar port to international waters and the like.

Emphasising that the book of "Services of the Islamic Republic of Iran" will create hope for the next generation and the next century in Iran, the President added, "The resilience of the Iranian people is unprecedented; The enemies thought that by imposing inclusive and severe sanctions, they would break us, but the nation stood".

In another part of his speech, Dr Rouhani called on all governor generals to coordinate with ministers and managers of the executive organs to turn all frozen capital available to the public sector into productive capital.

He also said that wherever the system needed people's support, they have entered the stage with all their heart and soul, stressing that today, with the spread of coronavirus and pressures because of sanctions, it is our duty to relieve the pressure on people.

In another part of his speech, Dr Rouhani referred to the proposal of the US President to negotiate, adding, "Speaking of negotiations by those who left the negotiation table and even broke it and set fire to the negotiation room, is a strange and false statement, and the dimensions and details of this lie must be well explained to the people".

Stating that hope for people comes in the form of tangible facts, the President said, "The number of hospital beds in this government has doubled compared to the entire history of Iran".

"Knowledge-based companies in this government have grown from 50 to 5,000 companies," he continued, adding, "At the beginning of this government, 14,000 villages had been supplied with gas, and today more than 30,000 villages have been supplied with gas".

He said, "At the beginning of this government, 900,000 villagers had safe and sustainable water, which has reached 10 million people today".

The President continued, "Almost all the villages in the country are connected to high-speed internet".

Dr Rouhani also added, "Exaggeration is not necessary, but the great achievements of millions of workers, farmers and engineers must be publicised to create a spirit of hope for the people of the next century".

Stating that "With unity and solidarity, we must use the restrictions created by the enemies as an opportunity to create a great change," he said, "With the resistance of the Iranian people, the enemies realised that they had made a mistake and that we would not give in to sanctions and pressure".

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