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Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the government's economic board:

Gov’t efforts to maintain calm, create harmony, synergy between all active public and private sectors/ Effective management of supply, demand and price control of goods essential/ CBI should introduce foreign currency abusers in exports and imports/ We must not allow price fluctuations affect people’s livelihood, psychological atmosphere of society

The 145th session of the government's economic board was held on Sunday morning, chaired by President Dr Hassan Rouhani, and the most important economic issues were discussed.

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Sun 21 - Juni 2020 - 13:31

Referring to the need to understand the country's difficult conditions and the limitations caused by the US anti-humanitarian sanctions, including on oil exports, the president said, "As a result of these sanctions, currency transfer has been difficult and on the other hand the conditions resulting from the outbreak of coronavirus, including the closure of some borders, have obstructed imports as well”.

Referring to the government's measures in the field of economy in the difficult conditions of sanctions for the last two years, especially during the outbreak of coronavirus in the past few months, Dr Rouhani said, "The government has tried to maintain calm and create harmony and synergy between all active public and public and private sectors”.

The president said that the allocation of loans and the development of policies to protect jobs and families affected by the restrictions imposed because of coronavirus outbreak has been successful, adding, "The implementation of these programs has been able to help the people to some extent in these difficult circumstances. However, these programs may not compensate for all the damage”.

Dr Rouhani stressed the need for efficient management of supply and demand and price control, saying, "All officials and economic actors, both public and private, must redouble their efforts and take the necessary care to create balance and calm in the market and not allow fluctuations affect people’s livelihood and life, and the psychological atmosphere of the society”.

Referring to the need to control prices in the capital market, especially in the foreign exchange market, the President continued, "Activists in the export and import sectors, both public and private, must be specified within the framework of the regulations of trade-exchange policies, and the Central Bank is required to clearly list all those who have received foreign exchange for imports, as well as their performance in the system in a transparent manner and easily accessible to the public, the media and the related authorities”.

The President continued, "The central bank should warn all major debtors to return the currency from exports and determine the time of payment for them, and in case of violation, to introduce them to the public and the related authorities, to investigate their violations".

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "The economic situation of the country is such that it is in no way possible to delay the implementation of laws and practices of active management;  people expect the government to work hard and sensitively and in accordance with the law to manage the country's economy”.

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