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Country indebted to the families of martyrs, veterans/ Focus on economic potentials of Foundation for Martyrs and Veterans' Affairs in serving target community/ Gov't with the families of martyrs, veterans

Following the report of Mr Saeed Ouhadi, Vice President and Head of the Martyr and Veterans Affairs Foundation, the President appreciated the services to the families of martyrs and veterans, especially in the current economic situation, as well as the economic potentials of the Martyrs and Veterans' Affairs Foundation and ways to increase the capacity to serve the foundation's target community, stressing that the country is indebted to the sacrifices of the families of the martyrs and veterans, and that all efforts in the government, especially the Martyr's Foundation, should focus on its inherent mission to serve these loved ones.

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Wed 17 - Juni 2020 - 20:01

Referring to the report of the head of the Martyrs' Foundation, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "It is essential that the planning be directed towards serving the support goals of the martyrs' foundation from the families of martyrs and veterans".

The President described visiting the families of these loved ones as a necessary step by the officials of the Martyrs' Foundation and stressed conveying the clear message to the families of martyrs and veterans that the government is ready to serve these loved ones.

Dr Rouhani also referred to reports of some disorganisations in the graveyard of the martyrs throughout the country and the Supreme Leader's emphasis on this issue.

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