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Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the government's economic board:

Today's management of the country's economic problems, surge in production a jihadi management/ Executive officials actively fighting oppressive, inhumane sanctions/ Emphasis on the need to try to free Iran's foreign exchange assets in other countries

The President described today's management of the country's economic and surge in production a jihadi management and said, "The country's executive managers are simultaneously actively fighting the oppressive and inhumane sanctions of the enemies along with fighting coronavirus".

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Tue 16 - Juni 2020 - 14:53

Dr Hassan Rouhani said in the meeting of the government's economic board on Tuesday that the medical and health managers and officials of the country have not given up for a moment from the beginning of coronavirus".

"The government activated the economic committee along with the treatment committee within the framework of National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus and began the fight practically on two fronts: sanctions and coronavirus," he said.

Appreciating the efforts of all managers of the country, the President said, "All managers of the country in various sectors worked hard during this very difficult period of sanctions with the jihadist spirit, which was reminiscent of the days of Holy Defence, and did not give up even during the holidays".

Emphasising that history will not forget these days, Dr Rouhani called for further cohesion and unity in the country in the current context of the fight against the sanctions of the enemies and coronavirus, and said, "The government will need the help of the people, the private sector, and economic actors in this regard and has sought everyone's help".

Dr Rouhani said, "One of the achievements of the country is the simultaneous management of sanctions and coronavirus by providing the market with the essential needs of the people".

The President added, "In these special circumstances, the country's economic officials are closely monitoring the situation and providing the necessary goods and basic necessities of life so that we do not suffer from a shortage of goods and the people do not suffer".

Dr Rouhani pointed out that in some countries, even developed countries, people rushed to markets and shops when coronavirus outbreak started, but this did not happen in Ira, saying, "This is a sign of the success of the authorities and the jihadist efforts in economic management".

"The most important thing that people, experts and economists need to pay special attention to is that in the difficult and unprecedented conditions of maximum pressure sanctions and the spread of a dangerous disease like coronavirus, complications and economic pressure, and adds to the problems," he said.

The President added, "The economic problems caused by coronavirus is a global phenomenon, and it is not fair that some people take a purely political view of the government and officials who are working day and night to manage this dilemma and overcome this difficult situation".

Dr Rouhani described the provision of essential and necessary medicine for the people and patients as a valuable effort of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the Central Bank in the current difficult conditions and added, "Fortunately, with the efforts of the relevant authorities and agencies and with proper planning, despite the difficult conditions of sanctions and the spread of coronavirus, people's needs have been provided".

Emphasising that we should not allow the pressure of sanctions increase the price of the people's essential needs, the president said, "The timely monitoring and action of the authorities can give the people hope for a reliable stability".

Referring to the need for managing the capital market and providing the currency needed to meet the country's needs by the end of the year as one of the country's economic priorities, Dr Rouhani clarified, "Foreign policy officials and the Central Bank are trying to release Iran's foreign exchange reserves in other countries in order to protect the country's foreign exchange market from possible inflammations".

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