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Dr Rouhani at meeting of planning and national efforts for realising slogan of Surge in Production:

Gov't aimed at providing all facilities, resources to achieve 'surge in production'/ Surge in Production a smart goal to achieve optimal economic growth/ Emphasis on e-gov't in realising slogan of Surge in Production/ The need to accelerate e-health sector

The President said that the government's plan to achieve 'surge in production' is to provide all facilities and resources in this field and all the capacities of the country, adding, "Despite the fact that most of the countries around the world have less or even negative economic growth because of the spread of coronavirus, our oil-free economy was positive despite the harsh sanctions".

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Mon 15 - Juni 2020 - 20:45

Speaking on Monday at the third meeting of National Planning and Efforts to Realise the Slogan of Surge in Production, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "As the country is countering sanctions and trying to curb coronavirus and unemployment, 'surge in production' is a smart goal to achieve the desired economic growth in the country and to overcome these three phenomena".

Dr Rouhani emphasised that today, all agencies in the country must identify the obstacles to the realisation of 'surge in production' with their full capacity, adding, "To remove the obstacles on the path of realising this slogan, all agencies must provide applied solutions".

The President emphasised the importance of developing and completing e-government in accelerating the slogan of surge in production and providing transparent services to the people and fighting corruption, saying, "Eliminating cumbersome laws, reducing face-to-face visits and increasing the speed of services to the people will be followed by their satisfaction".

Dr Rouhani said that the government, the people and the private sector should work hand in hand to increase production in the country, adding that another plan of the government is to facilitate the processes of entering the business market and reduce the time to access licenses with the help of e-government.

The President added, "With the cooperation of the country's law enforcement forces and the connection of its services to e-government, cumbersome processes will be eliminated and the time required to obtain business licenses will be significantly reduced by speeding up the necessary processes".

Dr Rouhani said that the development of e-government could provide good integrated services for the people at the lowest cost and with the least effort, adding, "One of the new and integrated services of the government has been made available to the people in the context of the infrastructure provided by the e-government".

The President added, "More than 21 million families in our country were able to obtain a loan in a specified and limited period of time without a face-to-face visit and only by sending an SMS".

Referring to the elimination of millions of face-to-face visits to extend their health insurance, Dr Rouhani emphasised, "My expectation from the colleagues in the country's health and insurance sector is the complete elimination of paper health insurance and the electronicisation of health services".

The president said that the most important step in e-services is classification of information, adding, "Most information should be provided online and made available to the public so that everyone can use it".

Dr Rouhani said, "All agencies responsible for providing inquiries or licenses should make it clear to the public how long it will take to respond to inquiries and licenses".

The President said, "There is an important point along with e-government services that has little to do with e-services, and that is the complexity of many processes that exist in our offices to issue licenses and inquiries with unnecessary and lengthy formalities".

Dr Rouhani added, "In this regard, the related agencies should review all the processes and formalities of services with special seriousness so that unnecessary cases can be identified and eliminated".

The president said, "The role of the media is very important in the realisation of e-government, because in e-government we are facing a fundamental change in people's social lifestyles, so the agencies must introduce their online services to the people with the help of the media".

Stating that the government has made good progress in the direction it has set since it took office, the president said, "I expect to make more efforts by the end of this year to achieve the desired point in e-government and the development of the digital economy".

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