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President at the session of cabinet’s economic board:

Failing to act against price hikes not acceptable at all/ With people’s serious participation, problems will be solved/ Small and medium housing supply for low-income groups on gov’t top agenda

Stating that the government's first priority is to control the economic effects of coronavirus and protect the economic conditions of households, especially the low-income groups, the president said, "Careful monitoring and timely action against rising prices are the serious tasks of all officials, producers, guilds and sellers, and negligence in this regard is not accepted whatsoever”.

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Sun 14 - Juni 2020 - 12:42

At the meeting of the government's economic board on Sunday, President Hassan Rouhani called people's participation and cooperation the most effective help and factor in dealing with economic hardships and shocks in all circumstances and said, "All other countries in the world are affected by the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, and the problems ahead will be solved with the serious participation of the people”.

Pointing out that the honourable people of Iran know that while we are dealing with the economic effects of coronavirus, our country is under the most severe and inhumane sanctions, the President added, "Fortunately, since the beginning of the spread of the virus in the country, the government has been trying to resist this difficult situation by relying on specific policies and people”.

Dr Rouhani said, "Although economic experts believe that the economic effects of coronavirus are more permanent and more harmful than coronavirus itself, the government has tried to prevent serious complications and damage to the people and the country's economy from this source with special measures".

The President said that the first priority in controlling the economic consequences of coronavirus is to take care of the living conditions and economy of households, especially the low-income groups, adding, "Fortunately, our country has witnessed the least difficulty in providing the items people need”.

Dr Rouhani said that the next step is to control prices and that market, which is not possible only with orders, directives and administrative notifications, adding, "All economic agencies and ministries should be more careful and sensitive in certain economic conditions these days".

“Careful monitoring and timely response to rising prices is a serious task for all officials, producers, guilds and sellers, and negligence is not acceptable at all,” he said.

Dr Rouhani stressed that no new negative psychological burden should be allowed to affect these living conditions and livelihoods of the people, saying, "It is expected for the related authorities to appear before the people when the slightest rise in prices happen or there is ambiguity in prices, and work with producers and guilds to address the problems quickly”.

Dr Rouhani mentioned the high prices in buying and renting housing and some home appliances in recent days and said, "With the policies proposed by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade to the government's economic board, managing the prices and bringing liquidity into the field will be on agenda, while meeting market demand and constructing the housing in demand”.

“One of these programs is to meet the demand by creating a positive outlook for the prosperity and supply of small and medium-sized housing that is easily accessible to the poor,” said Rouhani.

The President added, "At the same time, accelerating the implementation of large-scale national housing schemes and giving loans to applicants within the framework of the supply market will be among the effective programs in controlling housing prices".

Dr Rouhani also mentioned the management of expectations for price increase as one of the government's plans to control the housing market and said, "The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development is obliged to carry out the necessary actions in this regard so that some brokers cannot increase the renting prices”.

The President emphasised, "Also, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development is obliged to control and manage the cost of housing construction, and if it is possible, control costs from this main source, which is the construction stage and can be an effective step in managing housing prices".

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