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In a phone call with Minister of Roads and Urban Development;

Presidents orders faster implementation of key projects in rail and road transport/ Dr Rouhani emphasises making efforts to implement plans to organise and control housing prices

Referring to the importance and necessity of investigating the causes and factors of the high prices in the housing sector and the solutions to this situation, the President stressed the need to increase efforts to speed up the process of measures and activities to achieve this goal.

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Fri 12 - Juni 2020 - 16:54

Speaking with Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mr Mohammad Eslami on Friday by telephone, Dr Hassan Rouhani received his report on the actions and plans of the ministry, and asked him to approve the necessary plans and instructions to solve the problem and control housing prices and report to Sunday's meeting of the government's economic board.

The President stressed, "It is not acceptable that people face problems in the housing sector and price jumps in this situation, and the government is determined to solve this problem quickly with proper planning".

Dr Rouhani also stressed the importance of accelerating the implementation of the "National Housing Action Plan" in the country and stressed the need to cooperate with contractors and provide cheap facilities and land in this project in order to help the housing market prosper and reduce the pressure on People.

Referring to the need for efforts to accelerate the completion and operation of projects that can transform people's travel and commute and increase the transportation of goods in the country, the President said, "We must try to do something that in the year of Surge in Production, as in previous years, rail and road transportation transforms in the country".

Dr Rouhani added, "It should be planned in such a way that the unloading of cargo at the terminals is accelerated and with the cooperation of the customs, basic goods are provided to the people quickly so that people do not have to worry about supplying these goods".

The President also thanked all people active in the field of freight and passenger transport inside and between cities, rail and air, who, despite the difficult conditions of the coronavirus outbreak, continue to serve and people.

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