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Dr Rouhani in a phone call with health minister:

Implementing the "Adaptation to Coronavirus" phase never means stopping fight against the disease, not heeding health protocols in society

The President stressed, "Everyone should know that the implementation of the 'Adaptation to Coronavirus' stage never means that the fight against this disease will be reduced and that health protocols in the society will not be observed".

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Fri 12 - Juni 2020 - 18:26

Speaking with Minister of Health and Medical Education Dr Saeed Namaki on Friday be telephone, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "We must try to complete the third stage of the management of the disease under the title of 'Adaptation to Coronavirus' with full compliance with all protocols and provide the necessary training and information implemented in the best way in the country so that people's life, living and health are preserved altogether".

Stating that all relevant agencies and departments should be aware of how to implement the necessary plans for this stage, the President said, "The goal of implementing this stage is protecting people's health and life, alongside dynamic activity of businesses".

Referring to the relative increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in some provinces and cities, Dr Rouhani said, "With the cooperation of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, awareness-raising and information policies should be promoted, and IRIB, the media and cyberspace should promote following the instructions and protocols as the first days of the outbreak of the disease".

The Minister of Health and Medical Education also presented a report to the President on the latest situation in the country in the fight against coronavirus and the issues to be discussed at Saturday's meeting of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus.

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