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In a phone call with industry ministry caretaker:

Dr Rouhani instructs organising, managing prices in home appliances market

Speaking with the Acting Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade by telephone, the President stressed the need for strict monitoring and immediate action to organise and control prices in the home appliance market.

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Fri 12 - Juni 2020 - 19:09

Dr Hassan Rouhani had a phone call with Mr Modarres Khiabani, Caretaker of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, on Friday and received his report on the development of home appliance production and the market situation of these products in recent months, and referred to some reports on price increases in the home appliances market, stressing the need for strict monitoring and urgent action to organise prices in this sector.

Referring to the increase in demand for home appliances after the relative reopening of activities and businesses and the removal of some restrictions in this regard, the President said, "We must use the capabilities and capacity created to produce home appliances in the country to prevent the rapid increase in the price of these goods in the market, with the aim of preventing some brokers and profiteers from creating problems for the people.

Dr Rouhani praised the efforts and services of people active in the field of domestic home appliance industry in the country, and instructed Mr Khiabani to cooperate with the guilds and implement strict monitoring to control and organise the home appliance market, and submit reports to Sunday's meeting of the government's economic board.

The President stressed, "It is not acceptable that despite the efforts of the country's producers, especially in recent months to increase the production of quality home appliances, people are under pressure for buying these products. All relevant agencies in the government should work with other sectors to solve these problems".

Code: 115838

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