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Dr Rouhani at the inauguration ceremony of major projects in Isfahan and Khorasan Razavi:

Today, despite US sanctions, economic pressure, Iran has become a major workshop/ Opening projects not under normal conditions, but under sanctions, coronavirus/ Sanctions cannot affect our nation's will

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of national projects in Khorasan Razavi and Isfahan provinces on Thursday, the President emphasised, "Despite the most severe sanctions and economic pressure against Iran and the outbreak of coronavirus in Iran and the world, the process of inaugurating development and structural projects in the country continues".

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Expressing satisfaction with the operation of huge industrial and mining projects in these two provinces, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "This year is a busy year for all officials, because this year is the year of surge in production, and we must do our best to be able to mark a glorious year for the nation".

Dr Rouhani said that it is very important that in steel production from the tenth place to the eighth place and the annual production capacity is 55 million tonnes, adding, "Fortunately, in all steel sectors, including concentrate, sponge iron and pellet chains are being formed on a regular and complete basis, and we must try to expand this to other areas as well".

The President emphasised, "Today, the entire Iranian land has become a huge and large workshop, and everyone is working in various fields for the development and prosperity of the country".

Dr Rouhani stated, "The fact that 3,800 projects are being implemented in the industrial and mining sectors and that 200 important projects are to be put into operation in this sector this year is a sign of the efforts in this field".

The President said that today in all sectors we are witnessing a successful development and progress that we can have various inaugurations in different fields every week.

Dr Rouhani pointed out that in the field of home appliance production, the amount of production increased in 1398 compared to the previous year, adding, "This shows that sanctions have not been able to defeat us and various projects have been implemented in the country and production has increased".

Emphasising that sanctions cannot affect the will of the people, the president said, "The fact that the home appliances sector is asking for foreign exchange to increase exports shows that the enemy has not been able to stop us from pursuing our goal and that we will continue on our way with strength".

Dr Rouhani mentioned raw materials, technology and continuous and high quality exports as three important principles in the country's industrial sector and said, "Fortunately, the existence of rich mines in the country provides good raw materials and we do not need to buy these materials".

Dr Rouhani stated, "Mines are the biggest asset for the country and a great deal of action was taken in the 11th and 12th governments in the field of exploration".

The President continued, "Many good steps have been taken in the field of technology in recent years, and in the field of industry, we have reached 70% self-sufficiency, and this path will continue with more efforts".

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "People should be aware that these openings are not taking place under normal circumstances, but under the conditions of sanctions and the country's combat with coronavirus".

Referring to the report of one of the officials in today's inauguration, the President said, "In the home appliance industry, production in while the country was facing coronavirus outbreak increased by 152% compared to before, and this shows that sanctions and coronavirus have not been able to stop us".

Dr Rouhani described continuous and quality export as another requirement of the industrial sector for development and added, "In export, we have to increase the quality and balance the price".

The president added, "If there is no export and everything that is produced is for the country, we will face the same fate as domestic automakers, which will raise the price one day, increase it more tomorrow and sometimes reduce its quality, but if our carmaker will have to reduce prices and improve quality if 30% of its products are exported".

Dr Rouhani said that increasing national production is an important principle for the government this year.

"If people follow health protocols well, all businesses, even those that are currently banned, can be reopened, but we have to move step by step, because we should not think that the disease has become normal," said Rouhani.

Referring to the need to maintain continuous quality in production in order not to destroy the export opportunities, Dr Rouhani said. "We must leave the work to the people and the government must prepare the ground for the people to be present and produce and increase employment".

The President added, "I humble myself to all the workers, engineers and people active in the field of production in the country and kiss their hands who are working in the direction of the country's production".

Dr Rouhani expressed his hope that with the efforts of all officials, we will have a more a proud Iran.

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