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The 142nd session of gov’t Economic Coordination Headquarters held

At the 142nd session of the 12th Government’s Economic Coordination Headquarters was chaired by the President on Tuesday, in which the members received a report on the details of releasing Justice Shares, and discussed the plan to encourage and allocate export currency, remove e-government barriers and create jobs during coronavirus outbreak.

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Tue 09 - Juni 2020 - 12:32

Dr Hassan Rouhani, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, said in this meeting that the liberalisation of Justice Shares has been a great step that has taken place after years of government efforts, adding, "Today, people have authority over shares that were not clear before this and they did not have the authority to manage these shares”.

The President said, "The government has made efforts so that people can hold their shares in their name in a completely transparent and orderly manner, and at the same time to make the country's economy more active".

Dr Rouhani described the stock market as a point of hope that in these special economic conditions of the country, which has increased people's presence in the economy and the Supreme Council and Organisation of Stock Exchange should take care that this safe environment is more hopeful for the people”.

The President stated, "One of the source of honour for the country is that while coronavirus has been managed with the support of the people, the stock market and the capital market have also flourished with the participation of the people".

"We need to use the right methods to prevent those who are seeking to take advantage of people's stocks and take over management seats from buying these stocks at a lower value," he said.

Dr Rouhani stated that the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance and the Exchange Organisation should accurately determine the management aspects of these stocks, adding, "Informing and educating people about ownership and interaction in this field, including transfer, holding and information is very important”.

The president described the transfer of Justice Shares to shareholders as a major step in economic transfers, adding, "Both in terms of the volume of shares and the number of shareholders, which includes more than 49 million people, it is very important to promote people’s role in the economy”.

Dr Rouhani pointed out that people naturally have many questions and ambiguities about how to manage or sell their shares, adding, "The officials of the stock exchange organisation should be careful that calmness in the stock market and in the eyes of the people has a great impact on the prosperity of the capital market”.

Dr Rouhani said that the capital market should strengthen a transparent and healthy economy by relying on the release and strengthening of Justice Shares, adding, “I emphasise to all relevant officials to take the necessary care of this market”.

The president added, "The system, which has been set up to inform the public directly about developments and events related to Justice Shares, can be a source of confidence for both shareholders and managers of major investment companies, while answering ambiguities and questions”.

Dr Rouhani stated that in handing over the Justice Shares to their owners, we have explicitly announced to the people that the government no longer has the power to control their wealth and shares, adding, "In the case of Justice Shares, they are fully owned by the people and they are able to decide on how to exercise their proprietary rights, although the government recommends holders not to sell their shares and take advantage of its long-term benefits”.

Emphasising the need to strengthen and deepen the capital market, Dr Rouhani called on the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance and the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange to make efforts and speed up the implementation of the real estate exchange.

Dr Rouhani stated that we have repeatedly emphasised that while we are strongly fighting US economic terrorism and the fight against sanctions, we have not forgotten the development and progress of the country, adding, "The development of infrastructure is always one of the main activities of the government”.

The President added, "Development of communication infrastructure is one of the great measures of the Government of Prudence and Hope for the realisation of development in the country and at the same time an important step towards the realisation of accurate and desirable governance”.

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "In the past years, effective and useful measures have been taken to complete the e-government project, which, of course, has not been enough. By the end of this year, all executive bodies are committed to effective measures to complete, launch and benefit the people from the e-government network”.

"E-government not only facilitates and accelerates administrative and judicial services in people's daily lives, but it is also the most effective way to create transparency and fight corruption," he said.

Dr Rouhani stated that the restrictions imposed for fighting coronavirus showed both the people and the authorities that the e-government plays a major role in society, adding, "Based on this great experience, we can say that e-government can be considered desirable when people have the least need to go to government and executive agencies in order to do administrative and judicial work in their daily lives”.

"The full establishment of e-government means that people will be able to receive all of their administrative services with ease, speed, accuracy and transparency without the need for in-person visits," the president said.

Dr Rouhani also instructed the Minister of Interior to pursue the full connection of the Islamic Republic's law enforcement forces to e-government and to meet the needs of the people online.

The president also called on the Minister of Science, Research and Technology to resolve the issue of the integration of databases within one month.

The president also stressed the need to implement the remaining e-health measures, especially the e-prescription.

Referring to the services of the Administrative and Recruitment Affairs Organisation in guiding executive bodies and establishing systems for providing services electronically, the President emphasised, "By the end of the twelfth government, all e-government programs must be implemented”.

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