sonntag 12 April 2015 - 22:43
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Dr Rouhani in a phone call with industry ministry caretaker:

Make necessary plans for faster completion of semi-finished projects in the year of Surge in Production/ Adequate production and distribution of masks available to the public must be pursued

The President emphasised, "The Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade must make the necessary and comprehensive plans for the completion and operation of the semi-finished projects as soon as possible in the year of Surge in Production and seriously pursue them until the results are achieved."

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Fri 05 - Juni 2020 - 22:17

Speaking with Acting Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mr Modarres Khiabani on Friday, President Hassan Rouhani referred to the instructions given to relevant officials, including the Governor of the Central Bank regarding the provision of foreign exchange resources, and said, "It is necessary to seriously pursue the basic goods needed by the people, as well as the raw materials of factories and manufacturing enterprises in order to achieve the prosperity and surge in production".

The President also referred to the issues discussed in the meetings of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus and the meeting of the chairmen of the committees of the task force and said, "Pay attention to the enough production and precise distribution of masks by targeting enough availability to the public".

The President once again thanked all those at work in the field of production, especially the country's hardworking workers, who in the past months, despite the dangerous situation caused by the coronavirus outbreak, did not allow the country's production wheel to stop.

"I would like to thank all those who were involved in careful implementation and monitoring of the implementation of health protocols, especially in the production sector," he said.

In this conversation, Mr Modarres Khiabani informed the President about the latest status of the implementation of semi-finished industrial projects, activities of production enterprises, programs and measures taken to meet the needs of industry and producers and monitoring the accurate implementation of health protocols in economic and production enterprises.

Code: 115709

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