sonntag 12 April 2015 - 22:43
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At President's order;

8 key projects of the Ministry of Energy open in Bushehr and West Azerbaijan provinces

Important projects of Oshnavieh Dam (Chapar Aabad) in West Azerbaijan Province, Unit 1 of Assaluyeh Combined Cycle Steam Section, Bushehr Power Distribution Network Development Project development, and a number of other projects started on Thursday through video conference President's order.

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Thu 04 - Juni 2020 - 16:36

Assaluyeh Combined Cycle Steam Unit No. 1, with a credit of 22.4 trillion rials implemented by the private sector, has created sustainable employment for 800 people, in order to increase the efficiency of electricity generation and sustainable electricity supply of the national network, which increases the efficiency of the power plant from 33% to more than 50%.

Also, Oshnavieh Reservoir Dam with a reservoir volume of 46 million cubic meters, with clay core and in order to supply environmental water of Urmia Lake by 71%, drinking water supply required by Nalus, Oshnavieh, Mohammadyar, Naqadeh and surrounding villages by 18% was also inaugurated.

 A total of 8 projects were inaugurated today by the Ministry of Energy with a credit of 26.3 trillion rials, which will directly create employment for 1,687 people.

Code: 115691

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