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Dr Rouhani in a phone call with the Minister of Health:

Trips must only be made in emergency cases/ The only way to control coronavirus is to strictly follow health protocols

Emphasising the need for continuous monitoring of the strict implementation of health protocols and guidelines for combatting the spread of coronavirus by all national and provincial officials, the President said, "Provincial officials should cooperate with the IRIB and the media to make people aware that they must still avoid unnecessary travel only for emergency cases".

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Wed 03 - Juni 2020 - 23:29

In a phone call with Health Minister Dr Namaki on Wednesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to the country's approach to controlling the spread of COVID-19 and said, "Coping with the spread of coronavirus in major cities and provinces in recent weeks has been a successful experience that has led to an acceptable level of control over the spread of the disease. This shows that the only way to curb the spread of corona is to strictly follow protocols and guidelines".

Dr Rouhani said that another prerequisite for the success of efforts to control the spread of coronavirus is the comprehensive, effective and continuous information of the media and radio and television, adding, "Extensive information on radio and television and cyberspace is an important factor in attracting people's support and cooperation".

In response to the Minister of Health's concern about the increase in travel in recent days and the possibility of an increase in the spread of the disease in some cities, the President emphasised, "Warnings of officials about the recurrence of the disease if the instructions and smart physical distance are not followed needs to be taken seriously by the people and businesses".

Dr Rouhani stated, "The re-emergence of coronavirus beyond any economic damage will threaten the health of our dear people and it is not appropriate now that the achievements be lost due to negligence, especially now that we have reached the successful stages in controlling the spread of this disease with the support of the people and the seriousness of the authorities".

Reiterating his appreciation for the efforts and sacrifices of the country's medical and health staff, the President said, "The honourable people of Iran should keep in mind that due to the hard work of the country's medical staff for several months, now they need peace of mind to ensure the health of the people, and the citizens must be careful in observing the protocols so that the medical staff of the country do not face crisis and burnout in performing their duties again".

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