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Dr Rouhani at the meeting for planning the fulfillment of the slogan of Surge in Production:

We will be successful in surging production if we act in the same way as in coronavirus case

In the first meeting of planning the fulfillment of the slogan of Surge in Production and completing major national projects, the President emphasised the government's serious determination and will to complete major national projects, saying, "The fact that the Supreme Leader has named this year Surge in Production means that he has trusted the government and people's power to fulfill this slogan".

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Tue 02 - Juni 2020 - 01:12

Speaking at the meeting, the President Hassan Rouhani said that a lot of infrastructure work has been done in the government, some of which have been unique in the country.

Dr Rouhani said that the achievements of the government are definitely the achievements of the system and it is a source of encouragement for the people, criticising the fact that the government's achievements are not expressed enough, adding, "Silence and not talking about the government's achievements is unkind to the entire system and the nation".

Stating that the government has been able to manage the country's economy in the most difficult conditions, the president said, "All organs are obliged to have a plan for fulfilling the slogan of Surge in Production and complete large-scale national projects and report the effectiveness of their plans to the nation on a monthly basis".

Referring to the country's successes in managing and fighting coronavirus, Dr Rouhani said, "According to objective documents approved by the World Health Organisation, Iran has been one of the best countries in managing and combating this disease, and this is tangible for our people and can be compared to other countries".

Referring to some major national projects that have been achieved in this government, including the Healthcare Reform Plan, constructive interaction with the world, the continuation of self-sufficiency in wheat, petrol, diesel and gas, increasing the country's non-oil exports, reviving Lake Urmia, developing knowledge-based companies, the National Information Network, the development of villages, etc. Dr Rouhani said, "Each of these great successes deserves special attention by the media, and if these achievements and their results are well told to the people, it can increase public confidence in the entire system".

The President said, "The determination of the government to fulfill the slogan of Surge in Production is serious because we believe that the success of the government, along with the nation in this direction, is a big step in the success of the whole system".


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